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5 Reasons Why Canada is the ‘Ideal’ Study Abroad Destination

Let us begin with a simple question – What are the key factors you look at when deciding upon an ideal foreign country for fulfilling your study abroad dreams? Well, let us guess! Isn’t it about the quality of education offered, the quality of life you get to experience, fee structure, the kind of cultural diversity you come across, safety, and the exposure and opportunities you get upon completing the course? If you nodded in affirmation, then cheer up as Canada is one of the top nations that can offer you all of this and much more!

Do you know that as per research conducted by IDP Connect's New Horizons, Canada has emerged as the first choice for pursuing education by international students! In fact, the popularity of Canada as a study abroad destination is so much that Canada recently led the list of most desired study destinations and is home to more than 5 million international students!

No denying, Canada has ascended as a popular destination among students for pursuing their education from abroad! And in this article today, we, at Storm Overseas, one of the best canada education consultants in Hyderabad, will give you some really worthwhile reasons why Canada should indeed be on the top of your list of study abroad destinations. Read on.


  • Uncompromised Quality of Education

One of the key things that differentiate Canada from the other countries is the consistency that the nation offers in its quality of education across all the different kinds of institutions. Not many know, but Canada is among the first few countries to bring about an alignment in its academic and hands-on programs with the evolving market demand.

This means that you will not just earn your degree but will also attain a significant understanding of the market and the real world ahead. You will thus come out as a skilled, highly employable individual upon the completion of your course. This will work as a competitive advantage in your favor and let you put your hands on some great job opportunities going ahead.


  • Earning Opportunities During as well as Post the Study Period

Canadian education has a system in place called co-operative work, wherein students, during their duration of the study, are provided with work opportunities in their respective domains. Besides this, students pursuing their education in Canada are also allowed to take up part-time jobs wherein they can work for as much as 20 hours a week, either within the campus or outside. Moreover, pursuing your education in Canada makes you eligible for applying for a post-work study permit for up to 3 years of time. This works as a great opportunity to attain highly valuable Canadian industry experience in your kitty.


  • Education in Canada is Highly Affordable

Yes, that’s indeed true! Getting your education from Canada turns out to be comparatively way more affordable than pursuing it from the other popular study destinations in the world, like the US and the UK. Besides, there is always an option of applying for various scholarships to further cut down your education expenses. Add to it the fantastic work opportunities you get to put your hands on while studying in Canada, and the nation emerges as the most viable as well as the most desirable foreign destination for education attainment.


  • Good Quality of Life

What is the key thing besides the quality of education and fee you would want to look for in a foreign country you wish to pursue your higher studies from? Isn’t it the safety and sanity that the country can offer you? Would you like to go to a country where there are sky-high cases of criminal attacks on international students? Certainly not! Canada is one of the nations that can offer you some relief in this regard!

You would be glad to know that the Global Peace Index of 2018 ranked Canada as the sixth most peaceful country worldwide! The best part about studying in Canada is that as an international student, you will get to enjoy the same rights as any other Canadian. Moreover, Canada offers a great quality of life, be it in terms of the basic necessities like clean air and water or the other important aspects of life, like the availability of educational infrastructure, healthcare, etc.


  • Extensive Cultural Diversity

Canada is particularly known for its class-apart cultural diversity. That’s because owing to the welcoming nature of the locals there, a lot of people from all across the world have been migrating to Canada. If we talk particularly about India, you would be happy to know that India has been the top sourcing country of Canadian immigrants for a long time now. Last year, i.e., in 2021, as many as 1 lakh Indians immigrated to Canada and became permanent residents there. This offers the international students studying in Canada a good opportunity to witness and understand the diversity that exists there.

As you can see, Canada has all the elements that you might think of to exist in a ‘perfect’ study destination. No wonder, there is a huge influx of Indian students in Canada, and the nation is being consistently picked up by students as a great place for attaining higher education. If you, too, are aspiring to move to Canada to pursue your higher studies but are confused about the processes that are needed to be followed, worry not! Get in touch with us, at Storm Overseas, ranked among the best study abroad consultants in Hyderabad for Canada, and rest assured of receiving hand-held guidance on every step along the path. So, don’t keep looking for the best time to step ahead; the time is now. Take the call!