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Artificial Intelligence – How can you pursue it as a Career?

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“Can machines think?” Alan Turing, a computer scientist, changed history with this simple question. This decades-old question still influences our life via Artificial Intelligence.

So, have you ever wondered - 

  • What Artificial Intelligence is?
  • How is it connected with our daily lives?
  • What’s the scope of AI?
  • What are the job opportunities for Artificial Intelligence Enthusiasts?

In this quick guide, we will break down each question and show your bright future with Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is any task performed by a machine that usually requires human intelligence.

Where is it applied in Real Life?

With technology round the corner, it’s easier to see how AI is impacting our lives from moment to moment. You use AI on your way to work, chatting online with friends, browsing on the web, and doing online shopping. Suffice to say that you are surrounded by it, day in and day out.

Expand your search, and you will notice your homes steadily becoming "smart.” Most of us now have "smart" thermostats that customize the temperature to our preferences when we return home. There are smart refrigerators creating checklists for things you run out of.

Of course, smart machines will continue to grow. Now, does it intrigue you to know the scope and future of Artificial Intelligence?
Let’s get to it.

Artificial Intelligence Industry Size and Future Scope

The market size of global artificial intelligence was USD 39.9 billion in 2019 and is forecasted to rise at a CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 42.2% from 2020 to 2027.

The continuous study, research and innovation conducted by the tech giants are impelling the acceptance of advanced technologies in various industries, such as automotive, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and finance.

For example, from self-driving vehicles to critical life-saving medical equipment, AI is being instilled virtually to every device and program.

Related Companies across the World

Tech giants including Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, and other international companies are investing enormously in AI research and development. These firms are focusing on making AI easily accessible for enterprise use-cases.

How Artificial Intelligence is Influencing Employability?

Each major scientific innovation has minimized the demand for mundane tasks and has generated more mind/logic oriented occupations.
For instance, Self-Driving Cars help humans focus on higher-level things (e.g. what to say in a meeting after reaching there or whether to take a right or left turn). Chauffeur's job will most likely be gone but better jobs like Self Driving car engineers would show up.

There are more examples in every industry.

What we need to understand is that AI is a moving goal. As soon as we reach one AI target, things move towards the new target. Old jobs will vanish, new jobs will turn up. Besides, reports from Oxford Insights show that the governments in the Global North are excelling in making the most of AI gains than those in the Global South.

  • The United Kingdom has one of the toughest AI methods in the world with government funding for AI.
  • Australia’s federal government has allocated $29.9 million over four years to boost efforts in artificial intelligence and machine learning, according to the country's 2018-19 budget.
  • Canada is the first country to come up with a national AI strategy. Canadian research centers have been building the foundation of AI technologies for over three decades.

This is great news for students pursuing machine learning jobs and relevant careers in artificial intelligence. After knowing this, if you want to learn Artificial Intelligence and looking for some popular overseas study destinations and courses to jumpstart, we’ve got you covered.

After knowing this, if you want to learn Artificial Intelligence and looking for some popular courses to jumpstart, we’ve got you covered.

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