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Business Analytics

Business Analytics

A Career Worth Analysing

Business Analytics has been an integral part of all businesses since the initial trading of simple goods and services. Each transaction held immense information on value, profit, demand and more. Today, we are able to procure, analyse and utilise this data in unbelievable ways, making Business Analytics a fast growing, dynamic business across industries, the world over.

The term 'Business Analytics' refers to 'factual statistical data and analysis'. In the current dynamic age of information, data-driven decisions are a natural by-product of a world hungry for valuable input to improve and excel. Hence, the process of Business Analytics has naturally evolved to include Data Mining – pattern identification, Analysis – statistical and quantitative, Testing, and Future Forecasting – predictive modelling and analytics.

Armed with such strong initiatives, Business Analytics has the power to stand as the single deciding factor between success and failure. 

The huge potential of Business Analytics

Business/Data Analytics is one of the fastest growing industries globally. 

Business Analytics utilises Big Data—the many varieties of structured and unstructured data that is produced each day by individuals and businesses. Though 2017 was touted to be the year for the Business Analytics boom, there still remains a huge potential market of businesses that are yet to take advantage of this phenomenon. According to the Harvard Business Review, most businesses are nowhere close to reaping the benefits of analytics. This offers future Business Analytical professionals, adequate time and opportunity to get trained and up to speed with the latest Business Analytics tools and methods.


Studying Business Analytics

Basic skill set required to enter this realm include Knowledge of the Business Analytics field, Proficiency in R/SAS/Python etc., Know-how on the Statistical Model and an understanding of Predictive Analytics methods. Though Business Analytics sounds like its only designed for IT professionals, numerous Marketing and Operations professionals have managed to make successful shifts into this exciting industry.

Though there are many online tutorials to study Business Analytics, an impressive number of top universities from around the world are offering excellent, comprehensively designed courses in Business Analytics.

So if you’re interested to know more about which countries and Universities/Colleges that offer the best and most competitive Business Analytics Courses and Programs with an assured career, then see our courses section as per your choice of country and University/s to know more.

As you can see, most of the top business universities across the globe offer highly impressive courses in Business Analytics as they have all realised that the future of business lies in data analytics. 

To know more about how to go about these courses and if it’s the right choice for you, just walk down to our STORM office for a free consultation.