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Ceramic Engineering

Are you an engineering graduate who wants to go off the beaten path? Or perhaps you’re a science student who’s about to finish school and want to study a subject that will lead to great career prospects? Well, the answer to both the questions is ceramic engineering.

Ceramic engineering is the advanced branch of engineering that deals with manufacturing and design of wide range of ceramics. That being said, you couldn’t be more wrong if you thought ceramic engineering is all about doing pottery and manufacturing dinner plates! Ceramics have a wide range of applications in multiple sectors. They are used in the aerospace industry as a component of an aircraft body and engines. The construction industry uses them to design casts for bridges, dams and buildings. Even doctors use them as biomedical and dental implants! Finally, ceramics are used in advanced research and engineering projects, ranging from nuclear energy production to space exploration to guided light wave and electricity transmission. The bottom line is you’ll never be short of exciting work to do!

As a ceramic engineering student, you will study atomic structure of crystals, bonding and structure of materials, ceramic processing, materials characterisation, structure and properties of materials and thermal processes in ceramics, amongst other subjects. As a ceramic engineer, you can find work in multinational companies like Corning, construction and aerospace companies like Balfour Beatty and Airbus, universities, research institutes and government agencies, including national defense research institutes.

If you weren’t won over by the versatility of a career as a ceramic engineer, perhaps the associated earnings might. Ceramic engineers earn around $87,000 (INR 62 lakhs) in the United States. Their counterparts in other countries like the UK and other developed countries earn around the same. As the construction, power and aerospace industries, there is going to an ever-increasing demand for ceramic engineers. Why not future-proof your career by studying this new and specialised subject, instead of the old conventional career choices?

You can study ceramic engineering at these leading universities and institutions:

•             Alfred University (USA)

•             Accademia Riaci (Italy)

So, what are you waiting for? Drop by your nearest STORM office to start applying!