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Choose to be a Pilot or a Passenger, Its your choice.

In India, our career choices tend to be very binary—medicine or engineering. But there are more exciting and rewarding careers out there. Have you for one, considered becoming a pilot?

Pilots are among the top-earning professions. In India alone, a pilot earns around INR 3 lakhs per month! The pay is higher in western countries—NZ$98,000 in New Zealand, £40,000 in the UK and AUD$ 88,000 in Australia. So, no matter where you work, working as a pilot earns you serious, some serious cash. Flying is also a very glamorous and rewarding career. You get to travel all around the world, visit and stay in an exotic location and experience different cultures.

So, where can I do my pilot training, you ask? Why not New Zealand? New Zealand is as one of the best study destinations for international students. Most universities, colleges and institutions in New Zealand are government-owned and funded and maintain high teaching and learning standards. Kiwis, as people living in New Zealand are affectionately called, enjoy year-round good weather, high salaries, access to spectacular beaches and a healthy work-life balance. The country’s breathtakingly beautiful landscape, ski resorts, lakes and national parks attract millions of tourists every year.

Among the best and oldest institutions in New Zealand (and the world) is International Aviation Academy of New Zealand (IAANZ). The Academy has been training pilots for 90 years and is unique in that it operates from an international airport Christchurch International Airport, with full instrument approach aids, fleet size of 28 and flight simulation pods. The experience gained in this airline environment gives our graduates a significant advantage when pursuing an aviation career.


Additionally, its own satellite airfield at West Melton is clear of busy airspace and provides an ideal alternative, particularly for students during early stages of training. As a preferred training partner in Air New Zealand’s Aviation Institute, the IAANZ’s training programs have been designed to deliver ‘airline ready pilots who are well matched to the changing demands of the airline industry. Moreover, the institute is either accredited by or authorized by government agencies of New Zealand, Vietnam and Sri Lanka for pilot training. Their alumni work all over the world. It also assists in DGCA India License Conversion after successful completion of the course.

The pilot training courses offered are:

  1. Private Pilot License
  2. Commercial Pilot License
  3. Private Pilot License with Commercial Pilot Theory
  4. Commercial Pilot License with Multi Engine Instrument Rating

The entry points for these courses are in January, March, July and September. So, what are you waiting for? Drop by your nearest STORM office to start applying!