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Construction Management

Construction Management

This is one of the fastest growing new careers in the field of Management

Construction Management is the ideal career path choice for someone who has an interest in design and building but without the restrictive qualities of being just an architect, a construction worker or even a real estate agent. Construction managers supervise the entire process from land acquisition, ideal design, engineering, and final production making it a highly rewarding, respected and high paying job.

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In a world where architecture, design and building technologies are ever changing, the ideal degree to emerge as a capable, and well informed Construction Manager, is a Master Degree in Construction Management especially from an international institute of repute. This course primarily focuses on areas such as financial management, project management, real estate, risk management and sustainable design. New students with some work experience and senior professionals who wish to upgrade their skill set are both equally suited to this program.

Plus, if you’re rightly seeking to acquire a Master Degree in Construction Management from another country, consider highly organised construction markets like the UK and Australia. These are not only among the top countries with impressive Master programs in Construction Management but also among the best countries to study, work and live in.

Let’s have a quick look at some of their top Master degree programs.

Top 3 International Masters degrees in Construction Management

1) Master of Construction Practice (Professional) & Master of Construction Practice +Master of Project Management – Bond University, Australia

The Master of Construction Practice (Professional) & Master of Construction Practice/Master of Project Management from the Bond University is a comprehensive programme that covers a variety of topics including Building controls and regulations, Structures and soil mechanics, Fire engineering, Commercial construction and engineering and Early estimating and cost planning.

These courses promises to open up career options anywhere in the world with the ability to even digress into the civil engineering and mining industries. UK and Australian Universities are looking for future Construction Managers like you! Find out about the latest building innovations and get trained by the industry’s best. Apply for a Masters Degree in Construction Management through STORM.

2) MSc in Construction Management – University of Salford, Manchester, UK

The MSc degree in Construction Management from the University of Salford is specifically designed keeping in mind current industry trends and emerging areas in construction management. Apart from theoretical training, the course provides hands on practical experience using top notch state of the art software and techniques.

This highly accredited course teaches the nuances of complex project planning, international markets, people management and proactive ways to avoid corporate problems. The university welcomes professionals and students alike from a variety of industries including contract management, policy making, operations and specialised construction management.

3) Master of Construction Management – Melbourne School of Design, Australia

The Melbourne School of Design offers a Masters course in Construction Management that will gear you up to face all kinds of social, technological, financial and environmental challenges connected with the construction industry. Specialisations under this program can be (a) Building,  (b) Cost Management or  (c) Project Management. A highly accredited program, this Master degree will enable direct employment with project management firms, institutional bodies, general construction companies or research institutes among many.

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