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COVID-19 Careers: The Ones That Really Matter Now, and in the Future!

Since 2020 started, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused chaos all over the world. Destroying economies of countries that were on the verge of their economic boom and infecting hundreds of thousands of people. Almost every field of business has suffered a great loss. However, in the current situation, health workers all around the world are on the front line battling the novel coronavirus. This has led to the rise in demand of services from the workers of the medical field globally.

Recognising the Importance of Health Career Professionals

Despite the current situation, some fields in the medical industry such as virology, bioinformatics, podiatry, medical clothing manufacturing and many more are barely given importance. Due to the current pandemic, we got to witness how vital these professions are to every economy.

Let’s take the medical clothing manufacturers for an instance. The rise in the curve of demand for face masks alone has skyrocketed all over the world. Production of medical clothing has increased efficiently. The medical clothing business has made quite an impact on the economy. Even hoarders have bulked up safety gears of health professionals due to their increasing demand. The boom of medical commerce has given us an insight on the importance of the medical clothing industry. Young medical students have jumped right on to their training amid the crisis. Still there are a number of countries that need more health workers to face the virus.

Health Professional Education

The healthcare workers have been given a salient role in the current situation and are being treated as heroes. Countries such as Canada and France have decided to raise the salaries of these medical professionals. Since responding to patients in the current crisis is not an easy job, medical professionals are supposed to have certain qualifications depending on their work. Physicians for example are required to have a medical degree and at least 1 year minimum of training after gaining their degree. Pharmacists on the other hand are supposed to have a masters degree (Mpharm). As for a medical textile technologist, one must have a degree in chemical and physical sciences. There are alternate qualification requirements too of course for every profession. These professions are well known for their handsome salaries and during the current situation these salaries have been raised efficiently due to the high demand of the services.

Speak with Storm about one of these Frontline Careers

As the situation has gotten worse in some countries and better in others, we have witnessed that all of these professionals have been on the front line in the battle against Covid-19. From testing medical kits to responding to emergency situations, this was truly an eye opener for the people that gave little importance to making a career in the medical industry.

The current pandemic has made us realize how important medical workers are for the economy. Most students, despite having a passion for it, tend to avoid going for careers in the medical industry due to a number of reasons such as financial burdens or demotivating drop outs. However, there are a number of universities that offer scholarship programs for students that wish to study abroad. All the information about these foreign universities can be accessed easily through

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