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Decision Making: Your Super-Power!

What is your super-power? IGN lists ‘Super Learning’ as an awesome super-power. I like that one! We can all remember times in our past when someone in authority asked us, “What were you thinking?!” When they asked us this, it was more than likely because we did something wrong or the outcome was negative. Whether we were badly behaved or achieved a wonderful result, decision making is the core of everything we do.

Decision making really can become a super-power for each of us, in every area of our lives. Here is how we can add strength to this super-power and become a super-hero in our own lives and the lives of others.

Create a vision for our own life

What do you want to achieve? Who do you want to become? Where do you want to live? Is travel important to you? Where in the community do you want to impact? How will you invest in your family’s future?

Did you know: The number of international students in the United States surpassed one million for the third consecutive year, increasing by 1.5 per cent to reach a new high of 1,094,792, according to the 2018 Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange.

These big-vision questions are important because they create a desire in you to keep moving forward when things get tough. Also, having a vision for your life means you can identify the people you want to include in your life, those people who are champions and encouragers. It allows you to see who you can grow with. Keep in mind, you do not need the plan in detail of how you will achieve the vision you hold for your life; it 100% is necessary to have a worthy goal and vision for your life. The plan will come. Your vision for your life will help you make decisions about the important details of your plan.

Carl Jung says Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.

One of the more difficult area to conquer are the education and training areas. These are part of the plan to reach your vision. Education is formal, it involves qualifications and for many of us, it means travelling overseas to learn with the best of the best. Training is different, as it is focused, specific and usually task-focused.

Education; a powerful decision point

We can all identify decision points in our lives. Education overseas is a big step, which is why the team at Storm have had so much success; the counsellors and staff have studied, lived and achieved success in each country they specialise in. Why is this important?

As you can see from the WES map, Australia and New Zealand are an increasingly attractive destination for some students. Why not you?

Your vision for your life requires education but deciding which country, which university and which qualification can develop a level of fear, apprehension and nervousness. This is part of the process of developing your plan, expect fear and nervousness and ensure you have the right people around you.

Where you study is a critical decision point. Seek out people with the wisdom that comes from experience. This can save you time, save you money, worry, fear, anxiety and most of all… it will move you forward in your vision for your life! As your vision develops, so can your decisions, as you can see from the USA Government’s map students from the USA are increasingly choosing to study in Europe. Why not you?


The bigger your vision, the more you will make. Therefore, invest the time into it now, with the right wisdom from the right people. Connect with your local STORM office and get real advice that will help you make super-power decisions to build your vision for your life. Also, don’t forget to download STORM Overseas app from Google Play store to keep on top of latest news and developments, courses and scholarships and get to speak to current students studying abroad and win cool prizes!