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Explore the world of Social studies

Does human behaviour, history and culture fascinate you? Does the sound of political and economic systems make you excited? Then a degree in humanities and social studies is just for you!

But studying just for the sake of studying is not a prudent move in today’s competitive world. So will your humanities degree give you an edge in the job market? What kind of jobs can you get after your studies?

Keep reading to find out more.

Political Scientist

If politics fascinates you, a career as a political scientist is a perfect match for you. They have the highest take-home pay among humanities graduates. Their work involves constant analysing of political trends and policies across the globe. As a scientist, they study existing research, come up with theories and based on that,they make models to predict political outcomes and help improve current policies. They usually find work with government departments,lobbying groups, NGOs and think tanks.



News—whether online, on television or in print, is was with reports on money, stock exchange and oil prices. While you and I might ignore these updates, economists study them with a hawk’s eye. They use insights from these trends to form better public policy and corporate strategy. Economists work in banks, government departments, universities, NGOs and the media.



If you’re a people-person and like to have human interactions,sociology is perfect for you. The interactions and the relationships between humans, various cultures, social institutions and groups are all observed and analysed by sociologists. They go on to develop theories and explain the intricacies of social interactions, customs and traditions. They usually work with educators, social workers and policy makers to help in mapping solutions to social problems like poverty, inequality, discrimination, etc.



Do you want to study both the Earth and the relationship it has with people living on it? A career in geography allows you to do that.They not only get to research earth, but also cultures and political systems present in particular geography. They often accumulate data by studying maps, satellite imagery, censes responses and also by their own field work. Various quantitative and qualitative methods are also applied in this profession. Governments take their help to develop policies and business for an effective marketing strategy.



Are you someone who is curious to know what’s happening in other people’s minds and their reasons for their actions? In that case, psychology might be your cup of tea. A psychologist performs scientific research on brain function and behaviour. By doing this, they will gain an understanding of patterns in behaviour and emotions. They can either practice on their own or work for government agencies, private organizations and research institutions.


A degree in social studies can take you everywhere and opportunities are endless. Employers in this field look for attributes like creativity, ability to evaluate situations and strong communication skills. With STORM Overseas, you can choose your perfect career option and take pride in what you’ll be doing.

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