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Five Reasons to absolutely love Coventry University

Choosing the right country, the right city, and the right university can at times be overwhelming and in a country like the U.K., with almost 69 cities and as many as 169 universities, it is bound to happen.

But I've found a gem of a city and a gem of a university in the U.K. for you to get going towards your dream of studying abroad. That's right, I am talking about Coventry University.

Did you know that according to QS Best Student Cities 2019, Coventry's been voted 5th happiest student city in the UK? Yes, that's true, and here are the exact reasons why you *have* to consider studying at Coventry University.

  1. Offers a range of 250+ courses across all streams:

First things first, let us talk about academics. Coventry University offers its students more than 250 courses in all academic disciplines including health, design, sports, and performing arts. It has its courses spread at all levels, i.e., Undergraduate and Post-graduate, offering almost 134 and 116 courses respectively. The university is known for providing high-quality education with world-class infrastructure and study equipment with a special focus on applied research. One highlight of it is the Coventry Uni's Lanchester Library, which has provisions for individual, silent, and group work. There are 1,200 study spaces, 500 computer workstations and Wi-Fi provided throughout the building. There are more than 350,000 print books, 70,000 e-books, 30,000 electronic and print journals, and a range of other multimedia resources. Not just that, the library is open 24 hours a day during the exam period.


  1. Lively Campus and Hassle-free Accommodation:

Did you know Coventry was UK City of Culture 2021? Well, the Uni's campus is a summary of the city.

A good campus life plays an important role in our scholastic journey. Coventry Uni has a campus that is refreshing, recreational, and radiant. With multiple arenas, clubs, and societies, it enables you to let loose from the study pressures. There are nearly 50 sports clubs and 100 societies which you can be a part of. These clubs and societies prove to be a great way to socialize, meet new people and explore multi-culturalism. Being a part of clubs and societies is something that will make your time worthwhile, here at Coventry University.

Speaking of accommodation, it is affordable and convenient as campus accommodation is available with big-sized rooms and halls as per one's need be. For international students, the cost of living and rent is less when compared to living in other UK cities like London.


  1. Global Engagement Programme:

Another thing that makes Coventry stand out from other universities is the global engagement programs that are offered to all students. These programs offer a vast selection of activities, opportunities for traveling, year abroad experiences, and multicultural education. A piece of advice to international students would be to always find the time to opt for a program as they are what makes the university experience here so great, whilst significantly enhancing your CV. Going the extra mile will get you something more than just a degree.


  1. Excellent Placements:

Research has shown that studying abroad makes you more employable and interestingly, Coventry ranks in the top 50 in the world for employer activity. Coventry not only provides high-quality education but also aims to secure your future career prospects. Its employability programs enhance your chances of landing at good global opportunities. Studying in Coventry is therefore like making an investment in the form of time and tuition fee and the returns are securing a graduate/post-graduate degree and professional training to grab the most fruitful opportunities.


  1. Secured Teaching:

In these tough times, Coventry has made sure to continue to provide education with all the safety measures and ardently follow the government protocols. Classes take place in shifts and require compulsory weekly COVID testing of all those who enter campus.

Its medical and well-being center has always been of help to students and faculty and has been of help in spreading awareness and duly following all safety norms.


Sounds like a dream, isn't it? But trust me, this University is a weapon for your career. And the good part is yet to come. Applications for September 2022 intake are now open. So, what is keeping you waiting? Drop-in at your nearest Storm Overseas branch today and know more about studying at Coventry University.