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Foundation Courses in New Zealand: What Are They & What is Their Significance?

Heading to a foreign country to pursue higher education surely sounds enticing! However, having said that, the decision isn’t as easy as it seems. That’s so because there are too many facets to be taken care of so as to ensure that you land safely and successfully in your dream university at your dream destination.


So firstly, you need to decide on the country that appeals the most to you. Next, you need to figure out whether the course of your choice is available in that country. If you come from a non-English speaking background, there are a couple of other hurdles to meet as well.


Overall, if you are looking for a country that promises a decent standard of living, stands out for its academic excellence, and aids non-English speaking aspirants with foundation courses, New Zealand is the place for you!


Now, this is something not many people are aware of. Likewise, you may have a few more questions regards pursuing studies abroad. To aid you with the process right from scratch, we, at Storm Overseas, one of the best study abroad consultants in Delhi for New Zealand, have on-board highly qualified and expert consultants who will take you through the process, attend to your queries, and assist you in decision-making. In this write-up, we are attempting to speak about foundation courses in New Zealand. Read on.


What are Foundation Courses in New Zealand?

Foundation courses, as the name suggests, help make university education easier for the aspirants. The idea is to prevent the students from feeling lost or getting overwhelmed. However, there is another dimension to these courses as well!


It is quite possible that non-English speaking aspirants are also planning to pursue University education in New Zealand. All such aspirants might have difficulty in understanding whatever is taught in class, among other native English language speakers, mostly due to language barriers. To help such students cope better, foundation courses come in handy.


The structure of these courses is such that it offers full-time academic learning for two to three semesters. Such lessons may either be granted on-campus or through the virtual medium. Foundation courses thus work as a rescue mechanism for most aspirants.


Benefits of Taking Up a Foundation Course in New Zealand:


  • Help you kick start with your core education program:

Stepping into the first year of your degree as an international student might be a little challenging. Many reasons are responsible for the same. The education system as a whole is new. The manner in which classes are delivered is different. The type of assignment expected from you may not be similar to what you have been doing in the past.


Foundation courses in New Zealand help you adjust to these diverse variations. Moreover, you become better equipped to face the first year of your degree. So basically, these courses will help you start feeling at home!


  • Enable you to connect with more people:

When you step into a foreign land, you are likely to experience loneliness and isolation. This is quite normal because you hardly know people around. However, if such a feeling continues, you are likely to face difficulty coping with your education. Foundation courses work best for aspirants in this regard as they allow them an opportunity of getting to know people around.


In due course, you can make new friends and acquaintances. This, in turn, will help sow in you a feeling of belongingness towards the new city and country, ultimately making it easier for you to perform well academically as well as otherwise.


These programs will help you overcome any unpleasant scenarios like loneliness and homesickness, as you will have the opportunity to develop your own community. You will have people around you to support you in case of any difficulty. This will come to you as a big-time aid in adjusting to the foreign land.


  • Serve as a big-time aid in developing subject knowledge:

When you choose to pursue your education in a foreign country, you will be required to study a string of subjects. Some of these subjects might be very new to you. Amidst this, studying for the subject and securing good grades in the first go itself might be a little difficult. Foundation courses aim to resolve this hurdle!


During the foundation course, students are introduced to various subjects that form a part of their curriculum. They are also provided with handy tips and tricks to do well in such subjects.


Thus, it is safe to state that foundation courses, which are a part of New Zealand’s education system, work as a stepping stone for international students to do well in academics.


  • Instill independence:

When a student moves to a foreign country, he or she has to perform every activity independently. This is not just with respect to academics but also with regards to overall life in the new territory.


Foundation courses help in easing down such pressures. They make students grow into better critical thinkers. Moreover, such courses help build confidence in aspirants to operate independently in every big and small way possible.


So, what is the wait for? Let’s get packing for New Zealand!

If you wish to opt for a country that offers a high standard of education, gives you ample opportunities for research, and boasts of internationally accredited qualifications, then New Zealand makes a perfect pick for you!

However, if you are unsure about the procedure for applying to a University in New Zealand or are unaware of the intake period or any other aspect related to pursuing education in New Zealand, don’t fret, and just give us a call!


We, at Storm Overseas, stand as the most trusted study abroad consultants in Delhi for New Zealand and have years of experience in helping students turn their study abroad dreams into reality. Thus, if attaining education abroad is what you are aiming for, don’t risk your dream by getting exposed to wrong or incomplete information over the internet. Connect with us and get rid of all the unnecessary chaos and confusion cluttering your path.


At Storm Overseas, we would be more than happy to guide you in every way necessary. All you need to do is pack your bags and get going, and we will take care of all the other areas!