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Google? RMIT!

Do you want to work at Google? You’re not alone there. Many aspiring IT and engineering students want to work there. But to step through the glass doors of Google’s shiny headquarters, you need more than just a good degree. Your university name matters too.

How? Well, every year Google organises Google Faculty Research Awards to fund world-class computer science and technology research. These are extremely competitive, with only 15% of the 910 proposals from more than 320 universities making the cut this year. The reason the awards are so highly sought after is because they open the door for long-term collaboration with Google to develop new products and technology.

RMIT University in Australia won not one, but three awards this year!

The projects selected this year are interdisciplinary and span fields like data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning and new-generation computer communication networks. The first two projects involve programming search engines and digital assistants like Siri to better understand consumers’ needs and deliver more tailored and relevant results. The last project looks at using properties of light to develop optical cables that transfer data faster.

These are among the many cutting-edge research projects that take place at RMIT. It is among the leading universities not just in Australia, but also the world. It is a world top 250 university and has been ranked among top 100 young universities by Times Higher Education in 2019. It has been awarded 5-star rating by QS World Rankings for its teaching quality. RMIT University is located in the popular study destination of Melbourne, which consistently ranks as the world’s most liveable city. The university offers a wide range of undergraduate, postgraduate and research programmes in engineering, IT, business and management and humanities. Some of the projects allow you to complete a project at a company, which may well be Google!

Applications are still open for multiple intakes in 2019. So, what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest STORM office to find out more and start applying!

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