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How to Acquire an International Degree

Acquire an International Degree in Any Stream

Study abroad to open your world in ways you never thought possible....

Want to take your life to the next level even though you're still studying?

This is the right time to lay the foundation that can catapult your life experience to unimaginable heights. The decisions that you make today have the potential to impact almost every aspect of your future. So, why not make the right ones now instead of regretting later?

A few years ago, the idea of going abroad to study was restricted to only a few. Limited opportunities presented themselves as earlier the rules were such. Firstly, one needed to have a family member in the country to which one wished to travel to. This was not possible for all. Added to which the long visa processes, individual country policies and general mind-set did not allow the common Indian youth to even think about pursuing an international degree. Today, there's a sea change in this scenario. If you're motivated, driven and have acquired your basic secondary degree from a reputed Indian university, you are eligible to go to any country of your choice for further studies.

The other encouraging factor is that most international universities offer convenient finance options to all its students. They don't want to make it difficult for you to join their colleges. Instead they encourage students to study as much as they can by making the entire educative process easy and enjoyable. Scholarships, discounts, and payment in instalment are available in every school and it’s not uncommon for international students to utilise these options.

How your life can change!

So, once you have decided you want to go abroad to study, this is how you can expect your life to transform over the next few years:

Global Recognition

Any graduate or post-graduate course from a good university in the UK, US, Australia or Canada will instantly give you access to any other university or employment opportunity anywhere in the world. If you're planning to return to India after your education, MNCs will find it easier to choose you from the hundreds of resumes they receive every day, purely due to your international degree. It's an edge that you will have over all other candidates back home.

Superior Knowledge

The international curriculum is regarded to be the best due to their dedication towards offering the latest and most important information to all students. Whether you choose Technology, Marketing, Healthcare, or even Hospitality, you can be assured that you will receive the latest and most relevant tutorial in that industry. If you truly want to take your education or career to the next level, have a look at the list of specialisations that are available globally. There are new courses created every year to keep up with industry needs. The curriculum is modern and so are the teaching methods.

International universities also promote interactions between students and thought leaders or industry stalwarts via speaker sessions, workshops etc. This high quality of learning is highly motivating and exciting, especially when it’s coming straight from the real achievers. Don't be surprised if Tim Cook visits your classroom one day, while you're studying IT in your US university!

Personality Growth

An international educational experience is not limited only to academics. In fact sometimes even when you're learning and studying, it feels like you're having fun! That's because the curriculum and teaching methods in the US, Canada, Australia and UK focus on overall development of the students. The Americans and Canadians are Masters of soft skill development. This aspect of training is woven into their education systems in a way that seems very natural. Classroom etiquette in the western universities is more casual and encourages students to express their opinions and state their case. This creates confidence, leadership qualities and enhances communication skills. Apart from which there are regular debates, discussions, presentations, role play, and interactive study groups. Even social interactions are encouraged. Plus, most universities have access to cultural events, sporting tournaments, outdoor activities and much more.

Talent Development

Building on the concept of self growth, you can be assured that if you have any sporting, musical, or other creative talent which you have never explored or developed, an international university is the place to do this. Most universities have activities such as creative writing groups, music groups, science project teams and other talent based associations. These help students to get productive breaks from their academic curriculum and promote confidence and teamwork. In fact even your academic talent can be explored out of the classroom via various events and expos held within the university.


Global Awareness

The trend today is to create global students that learn, grow and share together towards a more peaceful world. Two years in an international university with students from all over the world will give you more insight into their individual issues and perspectives than any newspaper or book. When you meet people from other countries, you understand how similar we all are. Differences in culture and tradition shouldn't divide us but bring us together as we appreciate individuality. The progressive concept of a global student indicates a citizen of the world that is always learning with an open mind. A global student has the entire world at his or her disposal and is equipped with the confidence and knowledge to expand his or her own personality and mind to impact the entire world. Indian students who have spent a few years abroad return with innovative, fresh ideas that their employers appreciate and commend.

Hence, if you are looking for graduate or post graduate courses to lift your study or work graph, consider studying abroad for a period of time. If you need advice on where to begin with your research, you may contact us for course, university, visa, finance, application or other guidance. We'll be happy to help you! (