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How to get an offer from a top US university?

US universities have fantastic teaching and research facilities and encourage students to think outside the box. Some of the most loved and powerful companies like Microsoft, Facebook, Boeing, etc. have either been founded by US students/alumni or by American entrepreneurs.

So is it any surprise that world university rankings are dominated by US universities? In fact, more than 50% of the world’s top 50 university are American universities, according to QS World Ranking 2019.

But even among these universities there are ones which are first among the equals. These include Ivy League universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT etc. and other government and private universities like University of California-Berkley, Chicago, Boston, South California, Texas-Austin and so on.

So how do you get accepted into these elite universities?

Good grades

There’s no way around this. Your grades right from high school through to your latest qualification have to be absolutely top class. These top universities have among the most challenging and demanding curricula and to be able to meet these demands, you have to be very good with exams and coursework.

Standardised test

In addition to your academic performance, admission officers even expect you to sit various standardised tests like SAT, ACT or AP (for UG programmes) and GRE or GMAT (for PG programmes). You will also need to take either IELTS or TOEFL test to demonstrate your proficiency in English. Scoring well in these tests will enhance your chances of being accepted.

Extra-curricular activities

When applying for a place at these top-notch universities, your non-academic achievements are important too. Things like playing sports at state or national level, winning medals in International events, Olympics etc., will help you stand out from thousands of other applicants.

Personal statement and interviews

Universities not just want to admit bright and talented students, but also those who are driven and passionate and have a great personality. The only way for the admission officers to get a feel of these traits is by reading your personal statement and in some cases, through an interview. So make sure your personal statement (and interview) brings out your interests, achievements, passion and personalities.

Lastly, don’t worry if you don’t get in to these top universities. After all, the acceptance rate is less than 10%.  There are plenty of other good universities in the US, graduates of which have also had very successful careers.


Other US universities very popular amongst international students are:

1.            University of Massachusetts- BOSTON

2.            University of Massachusetts- Lowell

3.            University of Massachusetts- Amherst

4.            NJIT

5.            UMBC

6.            University of Nebraska – Lincoln

7.            George Masson University

8.            University of Illinois – Chicago

9.            University of Dayton

10.         Arizona State University

11.         Auburn University

12.         University of South Florida

13.         University of South Carolina

14.         Louisiana State University

15.         Cleveland State University

16.         Full Sail University

17.         University of Central Florida

18.         University of Mississippi

19.         Concordia University- Chicago

20.         University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee

21.         Duquesne University

22.         Florida Poly University

23.         Webster University

24.         University of Central Oklahoma

25.         Mercer University


While some of the most popular courses are:

  • MS Computer Science
  • MS Data Science/Business Analytics
  • MS Project Management
  • MBA

Applications are still open for Fall 2020 in the US. So, what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest STORM office to find out more and start applying! While you’re at it, don’t forget to download STORM app from Google Play or Apple store to keep on top of latest news and developments, courses and scholarships and get to speak to current students studying abroad and win cool prizes!