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Internship & Sandwich Courses in the UK

The best form of learning happens when theory combines with practical experience. It happens when learning goes beyond books. Having said that, do you think the same holds true when it comes to attaining your education from a foreign country?


Well, if you are planning to head to the UK for your higher studies, then yes, attaining both, the best of theory, as well as the experience, can happen! This is because the education system in the UK supports Sandwich Courses.


Sandwich courses are nothing but an extension of in-class learning. You do not just attend lectures and appear for examinations here. Instead, you receive an additional year wherein you get to squeeze in an internship or industry experience of some kind.


Though internship and sandwich courses are really important for ambitious minds, as they help them carve a pathway to a great professional life ahead, gathering information about such courses often emerges as a major problem. But worry not, as we, at Storm Overseas, one among the leading UK education consultants in Hyderabad, are right here to help you out in this regard!


So here, in this article today, we will shed light on the various aspects concerned with the internship and sandwich courses offered by the universities in the UK and why they are so much significant for students. Read on.


Is Investing an Additional Year in a Sandwich Course Really Worth It?

Many of you would be hesitant to invest another year in a foreign country, especially for educational purpose. However, it is important to realize that this decision can benefit you in multiple ways!


The main purpose of most students behind pursuing their higher education abroad is to bag a decent job opportunity. This is where internships work as one of the trusted inlets to be absorbed in the industry.


As a part of your sandwich course, you will get a year’s time to work with a certain company. If you perform well, there are bright chances of them offering you a full-time role.


Similarly, through your internship, you can better familiarize yourself with working of companies in a foreign land. This would make you a little less fearful and far more confident when working in a full-time role.


Full-Time Study or a Sandwich Course – What to Opt For?

This is a common statement among students who are averse to internships/employment during the course of their study. However, we, at Storm Overseas, would like to ascertain to all those willing to study abroad to keep in mind that no learning is complete without on-site experience.


For instance, suppose you decide to pursue your business management degree in the UK. You read and mug up all the information from your course books. Ultimately, you finish your course and start working at a firm in the UK. It’s all going fine until a difficult scenario strikes. What would you do now? Since your books did not have any mention of such a scenario, you just won’t know how to cope with it and get the things back to normal. This is because the ambit of any working environment is not weighable in books.


There’s no denying that while working in a professional setup, sudden, unanticipated blows are likely to show up time and again. Here, it will basically be your working knowledge that will help you get over such blows and stand back stronger.


Thus, you need to understand that full-time study is incomplete unless and until you familiarize yourself with the working environment. The fact is that internships are never an obstacle to learning. Instead, they work as a foundation to support your career in the long run.

One more point worth noting here is that as an intern, your responsibility and accountability is limited. There is scope to make mistakes, something which will not be entertained if you are a regular employee. This is another reason to be open to pursuing internship and sandwich courses in the UK.


Help in Making Big Career Decisions

Once you finish your higher education in the UK, you may face confusion regarding choosing a certain sector or industry for full-time employment. It is not like you can switch between multiple organizations unless you find the one that relates best to you. If you do so, you might be seen as an unreliable individual who would then face difficulty in securing a good job. Here, again internships come in handy!


Internships allow you the liberty to work in different roles. In the course, you come to understand what kind of work appeals the most to you. Thus, by the time you finish your education, you will know exactly where and what career you wish to pursue.


Being renowned UK education consultants in India, we, at Storm Overseas, can vouch for the worth of internship and sandwich courses to help you kick start your career in the foreign land.


Internship Counts as Experience

With zero work experience, just fresh out of university, you will attract only certain kind of job roles to you. This is because most companies prefer to hire individuals having an understanding of the job role and who can adjust easily in the professional environment.


Your internship and sandwich courses can come to your rescue in this regard. With your internship completion certificates, you will no longer remain a fresher but would rather have at least some understanding of the job profile. You can share information regarding your role at the interning firm. You can share your experiences and also mention any on-the-job skills that you may have learned.


Always remember, no internship goes waste. It only adds value to your professional profile!


Say Yes to Sandwich Courses in the UK!

If you have been going back and forth about making up your mind to pursue a sandwich course in the UK, then we hope this write-up would have offered you the clarity that you needed.


Yes, we, at Storm Overseas, recognized among the top UK education consultants in India, understand that at first, it might seem overwhelming to you to put in another year in a foreign country. However, now that you know the many advantages that sandwich courses in the UK come equipped with, you need not think further before filing in your application.


Through the process, if you encounter any questions or need support, you can call upon us, at Storm Overseas, and our consultants would be more than willing to guide you through!