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Is Data Science a Good Course to Pursue from the UK?

The modern world runs on Data. Whether it be your home computer, international banks, or multinational conglomerates, nothing can function without data computation that helps provide solutions. But herein lies a question - Who provides the solutions? This is where Data Scientists come in. Data Scientists have a broad understanding of how to use data to solve problems. They analyze and extract insights from large amounts of data using statistical modelling or machine learning algorithms.


This article from Storm Overseas, renowned education consultants in India for UK, aims to serve as a looking glass into the wonderful subject of Data Science and why pursuing it from the UK would be a great move in this regard.


Benefits of Studying Data Science in the UK

The United Kingdom has always been the pioneer of world-class education that provides in-depth theoretical knowledge and hands-on practical exposure. The country also offers ample resources for on-field research. Thus, it stands to reason that the UK should be at the forefront if you want to study Data Science at an advanced stage. Another incentive for going to the UK should be the fact that you'll get the chance to learn from the best, as most of their educators are acclaimed professors, scientists and even industry professionals. If you are worried about finances, then don't be. Most of the reputed universities in the UK offer some great scholarships as well!


We, at Storm Overseas, would like to highly encourage you to explore Data Science as an educational option in the UK. The country has been one of the forerunners in this field and has been doing well in development and research. Thus, if Data Science is where your interest lies and pursuing it from a foreign country is on your mind, let us assure you that doing it from the UK will be one of the best decisions in this regard!


Job Prospects Upon Pursuing Data Science from the UK

Data Science is one of the most in-demand skill sets today, and it will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. This upward trajectory will continue to skyrocket as more organizations adopt data-driven decision-making models and rely on data-driven insights to make better decisions.


Moreover, when you pursue such a futuristic course from a country like the United Kingdom, your prospects will massively widen and your horizons will broaden further. Some of the common job profiles that you will get to work on upon pursuing your Data Science course includes:


  • Data Analyst:

     A Data Analyst is a person who analyzes raw data and provides insights to the organization. They are also responsible for organizing, processing and analyzing the data. Data analysts usually work with software such as Microsoft Excel and Tableau and are employed by companies, government agencies, or research firms.


  • Data Engineer:

     A Data Engineer is a person who understands the basics of data science and can use tools to access and process data from various sources. The engineer is responsible for understanding the business problems and extracting, transforming, and loading the necessary data into a database to devise solutions to them. They are also responsible for designing and implementing strategies for storing and cost-effectively processing large datasets. Thus, they are primarily concerned with how data will be stored, processed, accessed, analyzed, visualized, etc.


  • Marketing Analyst: 

    The job of a marketing analyst is to provide insights about the customer, market, and competition. They use data science to answer business questions. A marketing analyst will use data science to analyze the customer journey from start to finish, identify opportunities for improvement, and make predictions about future trends.


  • Clinical Data Manager:

     The job of a Clinical Data Manager is to accumulate, analyze, and manage medical data and ensure that it is secured, accurate, and up-to-date. They also need to provide data analytics to the clinicians, which helps them make better decisions.


  • Machine Learning Engineer: 

    Machine Learning Engineers work behind the scenes, building and maintaining the models that power our products. They work with a diverse set of data and use techniques like machine learning, software programming, statistics, and artificial intelligence to create tools that help us understand our data better.


  • Data Architects:

     Data architects are responsible for designing and implementing an organization's information technology infrastructure to provide a sustainable solution that can be easily maintained and updated. A data architect will need to have a variety of skills to do their job effectively. They need knowledge of the latest technologies and programming languages and insights into how these technologies can be applied to specific business problems. They also need an understanding of how data flows through the architecture they are designing, which involves a strong grasp of databases, networking, operating systems, storage systems, virtualization technology, web application frameworks, etc.


What you can see here are just some of the popular job profiles for data science graduates. The arena is wide, and the opportunities are plenty. All you need is the right institution and the right course, and you will be all set to kick start your journey to success. So, get in touch with us, at Storm Overseas, the most reliable education consultants in India for UK, and we shall not only help you figure out the right institute for pursuing Data Science in UK but also offer you hand-held support all through the process until you reach your destination.