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Key Requirements You Need to Fulfil for Applying to Any US University

The US boasts some of the premium universities in the world. In fact, many American universities have consistently maintained a position in the world’s top university rankings. No wonder, the US hosts a huge number of international students. Additionally, the focus on quality education, unique curriculum, multicultural environment, and abundant career opportunities are some of the key reasons why a significant number of international students choose to fly to the US to pursue their studies.


A recent report suggests that more than 2,32,851 Indian students who attained their education from abroad have chosen the USA as their first preference. Undoubtedly, the US stands strong as one of the best study abroad destinations. But are you aware there are certain key requisites that are inevitable to be fulfilled to apply to any university in the US?


So today, in this article below, we, at Storm Overseas, the most-trusted USA education consultants in India, will shed light on why the US should be on the top of your list if you are considering moving to a foreign location for pursuing your higher education. We will also share the detailed requirements you will have to fulfill before applying to any US university. Read on.


Why should you consider applying to US universities? 

American institutions are well known to have high academic quality standards. They follow rigorous practices to maintain the quality of education and have a flexible environment for academic programs.


According to the ranking of the top 100 universities, 33 are from the US. Listed below are some of the key elements that go into making the US universities gain recognition among the top ones in the world:


• Excellent support system for international students

Most US universities understand the struggles of international students and therefore conduct regular orientation programs for them. Many of the universities in the US also have an international student help office. So, for all types of queries related to academic, cultural, or social aspects, the universities have dedicated staff to offer round-the-clock assistance to international students.


• USA degrees have an outstanding reputation globally

The US continues to maintain a strong presence among the best-ranked educational institutions globally, so their degrees have a high value all across the globe. As per the global university rankings, the top 10 best universities across the world are from the US. Many US universities like Harvard, Stanford, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of California Berkeley (UCB), University of Chicago, etc., are no wonder very popular as they have world-class facilities, extensive network, and a high reputation for academics.


 American universities are supporters of cultural diversity

The educational institutions in the US strongly work towards increasing the opportunities they extend to their students. One such step taken by most US universities is in the direction of maintaining extensive cultural diversity on their campuses to help provide the students the necessary exposure to various cultures, ethics, and beliefs of people from all across the world.


Many universities like the University of Kansas ( and American University ( are very popular for promoting diversity and culture as they include these values in their vision and mission. Students from US universities are often found to be remarking that their classes and dorms are full of students from every nationality, religion, and ethnicity.


The Core Requirements to be Fulfilled for Applying to Any US University


The necessary documents to be submitted

  • Attested copies of mark sheets for Class X, XII, and Bachelor’s degree (if relevant)
  • At least two academic reference letters from professors who have most recently taught you (may vary depending on the university you are applying to)
  • If you are a working professional with some experience, you will need to submit two (additional) letters of recommendation from your employer
  • Statement of purpose (SOP)
  • Resume
  • Essays (Mostly asked for admission into undergraduate universities and management courses)
  • Your score reports for GMAT/GRE/IELTS/TOEFL
  • Portfolio (if you are applying as an art or design student)
  • Proof of funds (one year tuition and living expenses)
  • Certificates of achievements at the state or national level and in extrajudicial activities
  • A passport that’s valid for at least 6 months beyond the time you complete your studies


Stay aware of the timelines 

Most colleges in the US accept online applications, and you will have to visit each college’s website to apply. In most cases, you will have to create an account on the college website to provide the essential documents that the college requires. Many colleges in the US have orientation classes planned to inform you about their entire application process, which will help ensure the smooth running of admissions. Keep an eye on that!


  • Intake seasons: Start the admission procedure at least six months before the last date of application. Typically, most universities have two deadlines from October to January, and it is up to them to convince the students which deadline most suits their time.


  • Some of the most important entrance exams for admission into US universities are:
  • SAT: SAT scores are accepted by almost all universities in the United States for admission to undergraduate programs.


  • GRE: It is required for most MS-level programs in the USA, including business management programs.


  • GMAT:This exam is to be taken by students seeking admission to any of the B-schools in the USA.


Validate your English proficiency

Students coming from non-native English-speaking countries are also required to produce scores on an English language proficiency test. The most popular tests are the TOEFL and IELTS.


Prepare for skype/video interviews (Required for admission into an MBA program in the USA)

This one is applicable only in case you are seeking admission into an MBA program in any US university. Once the university shortlists you and offers you a conditional offer, you will be required to appear for video interviews to determine your English competency. To proceed further with the application process, you must ace the interview most effectively.


• Get your student visa

You will now have to apply for your student visa. You can do that online through the US Embassy and Consulates India website. You can apply for the student visa up to 120 days prior to your program start date.


So, these are the most basic requirements you must ensure fulfilling before you get to fly to the USA to start off your educational journey abroad. In case you need any assistance on any of the steps along the path, worry not, and get in touch with us, at Storm Overseas, one of the best USA education consultants in India.  We will provide you with all the necessary guidance and support you would need to get through the process without any hassle.


Right from the initial documentation until you get your student visa in your hands, and even beyond that, we, at Storm Overseas, will stay right by your side, easing the things for you all across!