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Let cars drive themselves…safely!

Let cars drive themselves…safely!

Driving in the cities is no fun. Traffic jams, long U-turns, incessant honking and flyovers that take you to the other end of the city with just one wrong turn frustrate most drivers. And of course, there are those who flout driving regulations (and sheer common sense) left, right and centre.

Wouldn’t it be nice if cars could just drive themselves? You could then spend that doing last-minute homework or reading emails for work. Or just sit back and unwind with music or Netflix!

This possibility is actually more fact than fiction. Companies like Amazon and Uber have already tested driverless cars/taxis, trucks and drones that deliver shopping to houses. However, the public and governments are concerned about the danger posed to pedestrians and other road users by autonomous vehicles. There are also fears that the computer systems that underpin the autonomous driving technology could make vehicles susceptible to cyber attacks.

The latest groundbreaking research at Coventry University in the UK aims to resolve this.

Coventry University and Barcelona-based automotive design and engineering specialist Applus+ IDIADA have allied to research new ways to improve the safety and security of vehicles for the next generation of autonomous trucks.

Both of them are working closely on technologies behind ‘platooning’ driverless vehicles, which link nose-to-tail on motorways to operate as one unit at the same time maintaining safe distances and optimising fuel economy.

Two projects have been agreed by The Systems Security Group at the university’s Institute for Future Transport and Cities (FTC). This will reinforce the security of these platoons so they are safe from cyber-attacks or external controlling forces.

Through their joint research, systems will also be developed to allow secure over-the-air updates to the technology that guides and controls autonomous vehicles.

Coventry University has been ranked 13th in the UK in 2019. It offers advanced programmes in IT, Cyber Security Embedded Systems, Transport Engineering and Automotive Engineering. A lot of these programmes are accredited and are delivered in partnership with companies like Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin, etc. It has been rated Gold by the UK Government the quality of its teaching and campus facilities. Coventry is a multi-cultural and happening city and is located only about an hour away from London by train.

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