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Living On-Campus vs. Off-Campus in Australia – Pros & Cons

College life is an experience like no other. It's a time where you get to try out new things and learn about yourself and others, and, more importantly, it's a time when you're surrounded by people who don't judge you for who you are. This fact is more prevalent when you study abroad, as it's an entirely new culture. It'll allow you to start a new life, away from old thoughts, and everything will become fresh and exciting.


Now, if the country you are choosing to fly to is Australia, let us tell you that you being an international student, are going to have a blast! That’s because the people here are sociable and welcoming. No wonder the student culture in Australia is different from that of other countries. You'll get to form bonds of camaraderie that you'll cherish for a lifetime.


However, there are times when you need your own breathing space, and this is where your place of residence or lodging comes into the picture. So, in this article today, we, at Storm Overseas, one of the leading Australian education consultants in Hyderabad, will try to illuminate the advantages and disadvantages of on-campus and off-campus lodging in Australia so that you can make a well-informed decision accordingly. Read on to gain further insights.


Pros of On-Campus Living

  • Cheaper and practical: Living on-campus is a lot cheaper than living on one's own. Campuses take care of everything from food to lodging. Students also have access to basic amenities free of cost. All of these facilities allow the students to save up for their future.


  • Make new friends and socialize: College is where you get to interact and befriend many new people from different backgrounds and cultures. When you live with them, you understand and respect their psyche. Nothing is as enriching as that!


  • Academic living environment: Academic individuals and college deans have a lot of input in how dorms, rooms, and study halls are set up. They know which kind of atmospheric setup is required for students to shine academically. Living on-campus will allow you to experience this opportunity at no extra cost.


  • Networking opportunities: One of the most significant advantages of living on-campus is that you'll get to network with individuals that may be able to set you up with jobs in the future.


Cons of On-Campus Living

Well, you can’t ignore the fact that living on-campus will leave you with little to no privacy. It will become a luxury that you won't be able to afford. In the case of non-cooperative roommates, it becomes an even more significant complication. Besides this, although less prevalent among college students these days, bullying is something that we must address. Unfortunately, victimization via bullying is rampant, and students living in hostels often bear the brunt of this practice. If such a situation arises, we would advise you to seek immediate help from college personnel.


Pros of Off-Campus Living

  • Privacy: You'll have all the privacy you want if you live off-campus. Off-campus housing will allow you this luxury, and you’ll be free to enjoy everything, right from your favorite TV shows to a peaceful night's sleep.


  • Freedom: You'll be free to do whatever you want without any constraints or obligations. Whether you decide to have a late-night outing or something you can't do on-campus, off-campus lodging will allow you this freedom.


  • Character growth: When you choose to live off-campus in a foreign country, then besides academic learning, you also get to learn about a lot of other facets of life that you would have never got an opportunity to know if you would have chosen to stay on-campus. This will, thereby, help instill independence and aid in character growth. It will also help improve your decision-making and problem-solving abilities and will prepare you to cope with the challenges you might come across in the future.


Cons of Off-Campus Living

Living off-campus independently in a foreign land is no doubt expensive, especially if you're a student. Electricity bills, internet, groceries, and other living expenses can be a lot to bear for a student. Moreover, living off-campus means you'll have to perform household chores on your own as well. You'll have more obligations and liabilities. These include paying bills on time, visiting banks, and many other places you wouldn't have to do if you lived on-campus.



There’s no denying that be it living on-campus or off-campus, both have their own shares of pros and cons. Thus, we, at Storm Overseas, recognized as the best Australian education consultants in India, would like to convey to all aspiring students that when it comes to studying in a foreign country, you must realize that accommodations are a secondary issue. Your primary goal should be to study and enjoy the experience of being in the country you always wanted to have as your study destination. Australia is indeed one of the most popular and safest places to study abroad and has an excellent education system recognized globally. Thus, weigh the pros and cons of living on-campus and off-campus, and then make your decision based on your budget, likes, and other requirements. For any further assistance, you can reach out to us at Storm Overseas anytime.