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Make a rock solid career in Geological Sciences

Are you a science student who doesn’t want to pick medicine or IT? Then read on! In this blog, we will introduce you to a promising career in the field of geological sciences. There is huge demand for similar scientists here in this planet and strangely in the space geological realms as Mankind is exploring the outer unknowns and looking for alternative planets to habitat amongst other researches.

The basics first, Geological Sciences, simply put is the branch of science concerned with studying the Earth inside out, literally! Geoscientists study the atmosphere, the volcanoes, mountains, oceans and natural disasters. Their knowledge helps better predict and minimize the causalities and destruction accompanying natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis. Moreover, geoscientists contribute to mining, construction and transport industries. They also study climate change and help in animal and plant conservation efforts. Studying geological sciences allows you to branch out into any of these interesting career paths. You also get to travel around the world and visit spectacular places. However, recently there’s been a spike for more of these scientists for space exploratory sciences at NASA, ISRO amongst others.

If this doesn’t entice you enough, perhaps the potential earnings might. Geoscientists earn in the range of AUD$92,000 to AUD$ 135,000(INR 48-70 lakhs) in Australia. Their counterparts in other countries like UK and USA earn around the same pay bracket. With the greater push for sustainable living and minimizing damage to the environment due to human activities, geoscientists are going to be in demand everywhere.

Among the finest universities offering top class geological sciences is, James Cook University (Townsville campus) in Australia. The one thing that sets JCU apart has got to be its location. JCU is located in northern Australia and is close to Billabong Sanctuary, Magnetic Island, tropical forests and the Great Barrier Reef. Most of the learning takes place in the field and having these sites of great geographical importance on one’s doorstep is very handy indeed! Moreover, JCU ranks in the top 2% of universities worldwide and has a 5-star rating for job success of its graduates. The university also has small class sizes and has well-equipped labs and libraries.

If this wasn’t great enough, meritorious Indian students studying at JCUT are entitled to a stipend to cover their living expenses. If you have scored at least 70% in your last qualification, you will receive AUD $700* for every month of your program duration.

So, what are you waiting for? Drop by your nearest STORM office to start applying!

*conditions apply