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Opportunities for International Students in UK

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Postgraduate Subjects for Employability

  1. Education. Postgraduate employability: 90.3%
  2. Veterinary Science. Postgraduate employability: 80.7%
  3. Medicine-related degrees. Postgraduate employability: 80.5%
  4. Architecture, Building and Planning 91%
  5. Social Studies 80%
  6. Physical Sciences 92%
  7. Computer Science 95%
  8. Medicine and Dentistry 97%
  9. Engineering and technology 92%
  10. Agriculture and related subjects 96%

➤ NHS employability immediately after the course completion
➤ Department of Health and Social Care announced that the Paramedic students will get £5,000 support payment each year

The full list of new and continuing students set to benefit from the funding is as follows:

  • dietetics
  • dental hygiene or dental therapy (level 5 and 6 courses)
  • occupational therapy
  • operating department practitioner (level 5 and 6 courses)
  • orthoptics
  • orthotics and prosthetics
  • physiotherapy
  • podiatry or chiropody
  • radiography (diagnostic and therapeutic)
  • speech and language therapy
  • paramedicine
  • midwifery
  • nursing (adult, child, mental health, learning disability, joint nursing/social work)

✦ Economics graduates are highly sought after in the UK job market. £40,000 per year with an Economics degree.

✦ Computer Science graduates will enjoy a high rate of employability and their salary £30,000 - £33,000 per year.

✦ Law degrees in the UK are popular beyond national borders, so wherever you go after university, the chances of getting an attractive job are high.

Law graduates in UK have a wide variety of jobs to choose between, to mention a few:
➥ Barrister 
➥ Advocate
➥ Solicitor
➥ Patent attorney
➥ Legislative Analyst

✔ Masters in Engineering Management is also a highly demandable & paid job in UK. £36,000 - £40,000

✔ There are tremendous opportunities and opportunities for fashion design graduates in London in the show business, textile giants and modeling platforms - fields where they can excel with a master’s degree in fashion design in London.

✔ The days of small emphasis on the construction and design of objects are long gone. The Architectural industry is changing fast and there is a need in the job market for professionals with high value of academic ability.

✔ There is great interest in the field of education in the UK. The government is committed to continuing to improve the quality of education and the infrastructure of their universities so that candidates can become better future educators. Compared to the above, the education graduates earn less. On average, an individual holding an education degree earns around £27,000.

✔ According to government data, 87.9% of psychology graduates are in work or further study. Masters in Psychology is an important part of gaining recognition as a registered psychologist. This is a great way to get expertise in a particular field of study such as clinical psychology, forensic psychology or counselling. UK psychology courses are affiliated by British Psychology Society BSP.

✔ Master of Business Administration (MBA) - While not necessarily a subject, the uniqueness of an MBA means adding its own genre. The average salary for this valuable qualification is £62,000, which is generally taken by established professionals who want to develop existing professional experience.