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Positioning Yourself for Success & Flexibility in Career Choices

Have you ever wondered how some people have created incredibly successful businesses or careers in industries that they did not train in or have not achieved higher qualifications in? Over the last 20 years here at Storm Overseas, we have witnessed the demands of employers and universities change. We’ve taken note and often advise our global students to review and compare the way that our universities teach and the way students learn.

The key to unlocking your flexibility and expanding your career choices lies in the twelve 21st Century Skills that are demanded across all industries. When you are seeking to enrol in a university or private training organisation, ensure the assessments and projects include one or more of these key skills. At the most basic level, all industries require communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

In certain circumstances, ‘creativity’ is referred to as problem-solving, though this is not always the same thing. The ability to use trial and error, experiment with different ways to achieve a goal and find urgent solutions are usually referred to as problem-solving by Career Builder. In contrast, according to California State University, creativity transforms something we know into something different or produces something completely new, such as a solution to a real-life problem that no one has tried before.

The following detailed list of the top twelve 21st Century Skills (according to Applied Educational Systems) provides a guide to the types of activities and competencies that a great programme of learning should include.

21st Century Skills

  1. Critical thinking
  2. Creativity
  3. Collaboration
  4. Communication
  5. Information literacy
  6. Media literacy
  7. Technology literacy
  8. Flexibility
  9. Leadership
  10. Initiative
  11. Productivity
  12. Social skills

Right now, we want to highlight for you the role of flexibility and what it means for you in your life and work. Flexibility allows you to be open to new trends, become less rigid and be open to new opportunities. According to Wise Step, it also includes a willingness to learn, value diversity and pay attention to the detail while also seeing the bigger vision. Here is flexibility in more detail:

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Guest Author - Craig Hansen, University of Auckland, Alumni Coordinator for Indonesia