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Shine with Arts & Creativity

There is a common misconception that a degree in arts only leads to mundane, dead-end jobs. Wrong!

The creative industry, comprising everything from films to games to books and food is projected to be among the highest-grossing industries. In fact, global revenue from creative industries surpassed India’s GDP (national income) way back in 2015,according to data from World Economic Forum.

Careers in arts are as diverse as the subjects that fall under this category. In this blog, we will show you how you can put your arts degree to a good use.

Product design

A product designer is someone who designs a product. It can be either an automobile or a mobile design. Based on the target market, usage and practicality, a model is built by a product designer. People in this field go on to specialize in a particular industry and will often work on the same product to improve its efficiency. Courses in sketching and industrial design can help in attracting potential employers.


Creative writing

Great career fields can be built with creative writing. It can take you to journalism, public relations and communications or in advertising and copywriting. To be successful in this, one need to have an ability to articulate their thoughts and feelings both verbally and in written form. It is also beneficial to have an understanding in literature and other cultures. You could write for television and radio shows, theatre and films! Another way to put your creative writing degree is by becoming an author and writing your own books.


Performing arts

This field is a combination of creative talent and self-promotion.Confidence, ability to take criticism and learn from it, self-discipline and open mindedness to try and experiment with variety of ideas are some of the skills required for a performance artist. A successful study in this field can help you become an actor, dancer or a musician.



Take your passion towards arts to help, motivate and mould budding minds by becoming an arts teacher. To teach at primary or secondary level, a teaching degree is required and at university level, a postgraduate degree is mandatory. Having creative thinking, confidence,patience and impeccable presentation skills will surely inspire your future students.


Culinary arts

A culinary art is a practice of preparing food. Food industry is one of the most thriving and lucrative sector out there. To be successful in this, perseverance, dedication, organizational skills, time management skills and most importantly, to be a food lover is necessary. One can be a chef, menu planner, food service manager or a baking and pastry professional.



A photographer is a person who captures images with a camera, be it at weddings, fashion photography, photojournalism or others. They use multiple equipment to take photographs and it also varies by specialisation like wildlife photography, landscape photography, medical photography, etc. In this competitive field, working and showcasing your portfolio is crucial. Also, making new contacts will be helpful. A successful photographer will be able to portray many feelings like, happiness, fear, nostalgia and surprise as per the client’s requirements.



Take your passion for drawing to another level by studying animation. Being an animator is not so easy; it goes beyond the ability to draw and technical skills. They need to be highly creative and should showcase aptness in storytelling and depicting emotions. They also routinely incorporate tools like Flash, Maya, Photoshop, Illustrator and other advanced softwares. A degree in it can lead you to work as an illustrator, visual effects specialist, games developer and graphic designer.

By studying an arts degree abroad, you will get the global,cross-cultural exposure needed to have a successful career in today’s world.

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