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Solving waste water problems at DMU

If you thought the only reason to learn chemical formulae and reactions was to pass your exams, think again. Far from being ‘boring’ or ‘theoretical’ subjects, chemistry and chemical engineering have a lot of practical applications. Take for example, the research being carried out at De Montfort University in the UK that has revolutionised the way waste water from factories is being treated. 

Researchers and students from environmental chemistry department at DMU have collaborated with Scottish Water (a water and utilities company provider in the UK) to successfully pre-treat wastewater typically generated by the oil, gas and chemical manufacturing industries.

Conducted at Scottish Water's wastewater development center, the trial removed toxic pollutants to a level that would enable the waste to be treated locally. This means the water is cleared of a large number of pollutants - such as oils and pesticides - so that it can be disposed of in a way that meets strict regulations. For companies who use this system in the future, this means treating waste more economically and sustainably.

This is a fantastic development because petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical industries are the key drivers of British economy and employ millions of people. Britain has spawned world-renowned brands like BP, GSK, Unilever, etc.  No surprise that the UK is a popular destination for students wanting to study chemical engineering, petroleum and courses related to pharmacy and medicine.

Environmental chemistry is a broad discipline and its researchers work to find solutions for various problems like oil spills, managing urban household waste, soil degradation, among others. This ground-breaking way to treat industrial effluence has been carried by DMU's Wastewater Research Group. The centre is the only test facility of its kind in the UK that enables users to test new processes, technologies and equipment under live conditions in a safe and operational scale environment.

This is one of the many other exciting research breakthroughs that come out of the labs at DMU. DMU is among the world’s top 200 young universities in the world. It is located in Leicester, a multicultural city just about an hour away from London. It has been rated Gold by the UK government for its teaching quality and offers generous scholarships to meritorious students. Most IT and engineering companies include a one year paid placement as part of the course.

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