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Study in and Discover New Zealand

Study in and Discover New Zealand

When you think of studying abroad, which countries spring to your mind? Australia, The United States, UK? Perhaps, but have you considered New Zealand?

Located just a short flight away from Australia, New Zealand is truly a hidden gem. The country is beautiful and has nearly every landscape ranging from the pristine beaches to ski resorts and clear-blue springs and lakes that you can actually drink from. For the nature lovers out there, there are many biodiversity reserves, scuba diving hotspots and tropical forests to explore. You could also hike, surf, camp, trek or watch birds—just pick your muse! In fact, millions of tourists are drawn to New Zealand each year and several Lord of Rings films were filmed here. So you couldn’t go wrong!

As for education, New Zealand is fast emerging as one of the hottest study destinations for international students. Most universities, colleges and institutions here in New Zealand are government-owned and funded. Moreover, they maintain high teaching and learning standards. The country is especially famous for its tourism, hospitality and culinary arts programs, but IT and business programs are also gaining traction recently. Most students are offered paid internship as part of their course.

Some of the leading institutions you could study at are:

  1. Easter Institute of Technology
  2. Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology
  3. Ara Institute of Canterbury

In terms of economy, New Zealand is largely home-grown. Some of the biggest companies based there are Air New Zealand (Airliner), Spark New Zealand (Telecom Company), Progressive Enterprises (Retail) and Fletcher Building (Construction Company). Auckland ranks consistently among the world’s most livable cities and has a thriving start-up scene.

Kiwis, as people living in New Zealand are affectionately called, are known for being friendly and welcoming. And true to this nature, the government has announced in September this year that qualifying international students who have successfully completed studies outside Auckland region, will be eligible for a post-study work visa lasting up to 3years!

So, what are you waiting for? Walk into our nearest STORM Overseas office to start applying!