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Study in UK without IELTS: Get Expert Guidance

Do you know you can study in UK without writing IELTS?

Tests are unavoidable combats in our education journey. One of them that all students recognize well is the language assessment test called IELTS. 

Of course, IELTS is a standard requirement for your study abroad application. Also, a good IELTS score supports your UK study application. But you can waive it off and study in the UK without IELTS. For that, you must go through the terms and conditions on when to apply for UK universities without IELTS.

Here we go:

When and How Can You Study in UK without IELTS?

-An evaluation of your class XII scores in English

Many UK universities reflect on your class XII English subject marks to examine your language proficiency. Make sure that you have a score of 65-70% or above in 11 & 12th standard to increase your admission probabilities in primary universities of the UK.

-Your studies from an English medium Institution 

English-medium'  Institutes  are too common to avoid nowadays in India. If you have gone to an English medium college or university  you can show your mark sheet and medium of instruction as evidence of your English proficiency. Many universities approve your application based on the Medium of Instruction letter from your university.

-Taking a telephone/Skype interview

Some universities prefer to speak personally with the applicants before they make a final decision. They take your interview over telephone calls or Skype .This interview specifies your English-speaking skills, and if you thrill the interviewer successfully, there is a better chance that university may forgo IELTS.

As you can see, all the above options require good English communication skills; otherwise, there is a high possibility of rejection. Well, if you are not proficient enough in English, you can always opt for pre-sessional English courses.

Doing a pre-sessional English Course:

Many universities provide pre-sessional courses in the UK to help international students adjust to the new academic system without IELTS. Through these courses, you will gain the needed language skills along with the classroom skills. You will also enjoy a hassle-free transition to the foreign education system. Check out your university website to find out whether they offer pre-sessional or foundational programs. 

You can also take help of overseas education experts for more details. If you are not sure about your English-speaking skills, a pre-sessional course is your best bet. 

Study in UK without IELTS Application Process

Step 1: Application to Study in UK without IELTS

Make a list of all the universities in UK that don’t require IELTS

Shortlist the UK Universities and courses you want to apply for

Confirm that you are qualified to study in selected universities that do not require IELTS in UK. You can assess University rankings, and Eligibility Requirements on their website

Select the best Universities for your academic and professional career

Then, apply online for the selected University or colleges in the UK. 

Step 2: Prepare for Skype / Video Interviews

Once a particular university shortlists your profile and offers you a conditional offer, they will conduct video interviews to determine your English Language competency. The interview also reveals your eagerness to study abroad at the Universities. In order to get admission in UK university without IELTS, you have to pass this interview in the most effective manner.

Step 3: Pay Tuition Fees and Other Study Expenses in UK:

If you clear your online Interview, you will receive a letter of acceptance from the UK colleges you have applied for. It is a final approval and now you are ready to enroll for the program you are interested in. The next step is to pay the fees for your selected course. 

Step 4: Submit an Application for Student Visa in UK

Your next question might be: do you need IELTS to apply for a UK student visa?. 

Once you have the acceptance letter from the university that doesn't require IELTS, you can freely apply for the UK study visa. All you need to do is submit your documents online, and you are done.

For reference, here is the list of common UK student visa requirements for students applying without IELTS

A complete student visa application form

A letter of approval showing admission in UK university admission for the particular course without IELTS-CAS

A current passport 

Proof of budget to sustain yourself financially throughout your stay in the UK.

You may need to provide additional documents based on the circumstances.

Complete the process with your biometrics, fingerprints as well as a scanned photograph.

As soon as you are approved for the UK student visa, you can take off to the nation for further education and learning.

Top 10 Universities to Study in the UK without IELTS (subjected to meeting University Specific English Language Requirements). 

1)Heriot Watt University

2)University of Leicester

3)Coventry University

4)University of Hertfordshire

5)De MontFort University

6)University of Greenwich

7)University of Liverpool

8)Anglia Ruskin University

9)University of Stirling

10)University of Northhampton

Note: If you do not meet the English Waiver Requirements set by the university , you may have to write  IELTS /PTE/ TOEFL.

There you have it all.

You can stop waiting through yet another IELTS exam before you fulfill your dream of studying abroad! 

If you need more information on the admission process, like studying in UK without IELTS, the universities, and courses, do not hesitate to schedule a free consultation with one of our educational experts online.