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The Best Institutes for Studying Computer Science in the USA

We all have seen how swiftly the field of computers has evolved from giving birth to mere calculators and word processors to artificial intelligence run bots and even more. As such, it won’t be wrong to say that without some basic knowledge of computer applications, one can't advance in their careers, establish successful businesses, advance their education, or even communicate properly.


But having said that, what do you think is the science behind a computer? Well, it is the broad field of IT and computer science. Computer Science is a subject that provides an insight into the world of computers and how they work. It deals with the study of computers and the algorithmic processes that they use. It is a comprehensive stream covering various topics like programming, data structuring, algorithms, and much more.


There are many renowned educational institutions around the world where you can pursue your education in Computer Science. However, the quality of education and practical insights you get in the field of computers in the US remains unmatched. So today, in this article below, we, at Storm Overseas, one of the best education consultants in India for the USA, will put forth some of the best institutions in the US you may wish to consider for pursuing your Computer Science degree.


Settling for Nothing but the Best!

The best educational institutes will provide you with the best literacy if you take full advantage of them. From theoretical materials, practical labs, and research capability, everything should be top-notch and at your fingertips. After all, education prepares you for life itself; thus, you should choose nothing but the best. To that end, some of the best colleges and universities in the United States for studying Computer Science that you should consider are:

  • Princeton University: With its comprehensive and immersive degree programs in Computer Science, Princeton University is an excellent option to consider. Founded in 1746, it is among the world's most prestigious universities. It has the distinction of producing 75 Nobel Laureates and numerous awardees of other distinguished medals. It also has a rich history of producing groundbreaking research that has left extraordinary societal marks. At the undergraduate level, students learn about the core concepts of computer programming, machine learning, computer architecture, software systems, computer graphics, and much more. Overall, the institute offers an all-encompassing course covering all aspects to propel students to advanced levels of knowledge. The graduate program accepts students of beginner to advanced levels for study and research.


  • University of California, Berkeley: Established in 1868, the University of California, Berkeley has produced more Nobel Laureates and awardees of various other prestigious awards than any other public institution in the US. It played a vital role during the development of the Manhattan Project. Its alumni are known for establishing flourishing US entrepreneurial ventures such as Tesla, eBay, Apple, Intel, AIG, and many more. There are two programs in the Computer Science Department: Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science (CS) and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS). CS deals with hardware & software design, computer applications, and information processing methods while EECS deals with a combination of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Fundamentals.


  • Stanford University: Ranked among the top universities in the world, Stanford University is a private research university established in 1885. Like others in this list, this university has produced numerous Nobel laureates and awardees of various prestigious awards. It boasts alumni of some of the most famous figures in the world, the most notable being former US president John F. Kennedy. Here, the academic approach is quite radical, and the Computer Science degree is very comprehensive. The core contents of the Computer Science course at this university include introductory knowledge, Hardware & Software Systems, Algorithm Analysis, Numerical Analysis, Artificial Language, Mathematical Foundations of Computing, Computational Biology, Interdisciplinary Topics, and much more.


  • Carnegie Mellon University (CMU): The merger of Carnegie Institute of Technology and Mellon Institute of Industrial Research gave birth to Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in 1967. CMU is known for its various breakthrough researches, such as Computer Science, Robotics, and Management Science. It has given birth to 20 Nobel laureates and different awardees of literary awards. The Computer Science degree at this university incorporates Electrical and Computer Engineering disciplines to create a comprehensive course covering many aspects. People who crave in-depth knowledge should consider this a viable option.


In a nutshell…

There is no dearth of colleges and universities when it comes to studying Computer Science in the US. But, these four universities in the US are widely considered among the best to study the subject. Their faculty have been able to help create a large portion of the modern American landscape (as apparent from the list), and you should contemplate being a part of such an institute. Hopefully, we from Storm Overseas have been able to furnish a clear picture of this article's goal. Thus, if Computer Science is what picks your interest and you wish to pursue your degree in the subject from the US, feel free to connect with us. We, at Storm Overseas, stand among the best education consultants in India for USA and are here to help you reach "The Land of Opportunities" and pave the path to ultimate success.