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The Best Universities to Consider for Your Higher Studies in Ireland

There is a common saying, "Investment in education pays the best dividend.” Do you think this is wholly accurate? Well, ideally, the accuracy of this statement depends on the perception of the word "Investment." If the author meant investment of finances, time, and effort, then yes! Good education always brings you the best ROI. No wonder great university education is a one-way ticket toward having a super-star career. And to that end, foreign universities serve as an excellent option.


When talking of foreign universities, one location that’s just hard to ignore is Ireland. Undoubtedly, Ireland is an ideal place for higher studies and is home to some of the best universities globally. The Irish education system is among the top-tiered ones in the world. It has been ranked as one of the top five education systems in Europe.


The country has a well-developed higher education system, with several universities and colleges offering a wide range of courses for students to choose from. Ireland's universities have an excellent reputation for their quality of teaching and research. It has also consistently been ranked amongst the top 10 safest places for international students for many years.


You can choose from a plethora of options from universities in Ireland, but in this blog from us, at Storm Overseas, renowned education consultants in India for Ireland, we would like to put forth some of the best options in Ireland that you may like to consider.


The Cream of the Crop…

When it comes to choosing, five universities in Ireland have stood the test of time:


  • Trinity College Dublin: With former alumni like the great Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker, Earnest Walton, Samuel Becket, etc., Trinity College has been the alma mater of many well-known personalities. Established in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I, it has maintained a reputation for being the premier educational institute in the country. The institute offers Graduate and Postgraduate Degrees in various disciplines.


  • University College Cork (National University of Ireland, Cork): Founded in 1845 by Queen Victoria, the National University of Ireland (also known as UCC) has been the preferred choice of many. It also has the distinction of being named "Irish University of the Year" on five separate occasions by the Sunday Times. It has a reputation for showing an unparalleled commitment to its students. UCC offers over 100 degrees to its students, including Humanities, Law, Science, Business, Architecture, Dentistry, etc.


  • National University of Ireland, Galway (Also known as NUI Galway): Ranked among the top 1% of universities according to QS World University Rankings, NUI Galway lives up to its name and reputation. The university was founded as Queen's College Galway in 1845. It offers various Undergraduate and Postgraduate degrees in many fields. NUI Galway is a hotspot that attracts candidates that aspire PHDs and Masters. There are four colleges under the university: College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies, College of Business, Public Policy and Law, College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, and College of Science and Engineering.


  • University College Dublin (UCD): Ranking among the top 1% of higher education institutions worldwide, UCD is a top heavyweight among universities in Europe. UCD originated as "The Catholic University of Ireland" in 1854 and boasts many alumni who were prominent scholars, scientists, and artists. Like most reputed universities, UCD offers various Undergraduate and Graduate courses. It offers sports scholarships as well.


  • Dublin City University (DCU): Founded in 1975, Dublin City University is a relatively new university. However, it has garnered a lot of prestige since its inception. Its faculty boasts of political powerhouses and prominent authors and scholars of the current era. Its computing and engineering departments are considered amongst the best in the country.


A Friendly Note for the Aspiring Minds Out There

A current trend says people don't need to have a university degree to succeed in life. Let us assure you that people who say this live in a bubble. The fact is that everyone is a Bill Gates or a Mark Zuckerberg. The fact of life is that you simply can't drop out of college (or avoid joining one) and build successful careers. But yes, if you spend a few extra years in your education, you'll give yourself a better chance to become someone great. Thus, a university education is essential.


Ireland offers superior education that is well structured, and unlike many foreign countries, it's pretty affordable. It is home to some of the best universities in the world and offers pretty affordable yet high-quality education. Our goal at Storm Overseas, as one of the leading education consultants in India for Ireland, is not just to educate the ambitious young minds about the great educational possibilities available in this remarkable nation called Ireland but also to help ease the process of admission and enable you to grab the studying opportunities in your dream institution abroad.