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The Best Yet the Most Affordable Universities in Canada

Studying in the UK or the US was once a matter of pride. However, today’s students are equally keen on moving to Canada to pursue higher education. One of the prime reasons is the high standard of education that’s attainable at pretty affordable rates in the country. Yes, the tuition fees at some of the best universities in Canada are quite nominal. This means less pressure on the pockets of international students.

So today, in this article below, we, at Storm Overseas, one of the best Canada education consultants in India, will shed light on some of Canada’s best yet most affordable universities. This will help you make a wise decision if Canada is what you are eyeing to pursuing your higher education. Read on.


  • University of Northern British Columbia:

If you wish to pursue your education in Canada in streams like cultures, health, economics, sciences, or environment, then the University of Northern British Columbia definitely emerges as one of the top options for you!

This small university is not just one of the best universities in British Columbia but is also equally affordable. With a capacity of housing about 3300 students in 120 courses, as an international student, you have to shell out somewhere between $3400 to $22100 to secure a seat and study at this university.


  • University of Victoria:

The University of Victoria is a public research university that forms a part of the top one percent of universities in the world. Additionally, it is counted among the top universities in Canada for its scientific impact.

There are bright chances of you securing a seat at this university as they accept more than half of the applicants. The best part is that education at this university is affordable, wherein you have to pay a competitive sum of $7600 to $25800.


  • Emily Carr University of Art + Design:

According to QS World University Rankings, Emily Carr University of Art + Design forms part of the top Universities in the world. A standout feature about this university is that, despite being a reputed art school, the tuition fees here are quite pocket-friendly.

With more than 15 in-house courses, this university admits around 1800 students. As an international student, you will have to pay somewhere between $7700 and $16600 to study art at this university. Indeed, a combination of great learning and affordable fees that’s otherwise hard to find.


  • Simon Fraser University:

As per Maclean’s Magazine’s 2022 University Rankings, the Simon Frazer University stood first in terms of the best comprehensive university in Canada. Isn’t it a great reason for you to try and secure a seat at this university!

However, the cherry on the cake is that studying at this university is extremely affordable for international students. You will have to pay tuition fees of about $3900 to $29400 to study one of the 250 courses offered at this university.


  • The University of British Columbia:

One of the well-known universities in Canada, which is extremely stringent with respect to its acceptance norms, is the University of British Columbia. While it is important for you to complete certain high school courses and secure a minimum GPA to bag a seat at this university, the good news here is that studying at The University of British Columbia is very affordable!

With more than 350 courses on offer, around 66,000 students study at this university. As an international student, if you secure admission to this university, you will have to pay tuition fees in the range of $8900 to $39500.


In a nutshell…

All this while, if you have been putting off your desire to study abroad because of financial concerns, we, at Storm Overseas, would like to assure you that Canada is the place where you can head to fulfill your dreams. Yes, Canada is where you can attain high-quality education without shelling out a fat tuition fee!

The best part about this reality is that even though you would be paying a lesser sum towards the tuition fees, you won’t be anywhere compromising on the quality of education as you will still be studying at one of the most reputed universities in Canada.

If you have any questions about pursuing your higher education in Canada, you can get in touch with our committed and certified consultants at Storm Overseas, who will take you through the entire process.

We, at Storm Overseas, are ranked as one of the best Canada education consultants in India and have assisted over 21,000 students in the past two decades to help them fulfill their study abroad aspirations. We will be more than happy to assist you right from selecting a cost-effective university in Canada to getting your visa clearance and flying abroad.

Over the years, we, at Storm Overseas, have seen that despite the aspirations, many students fail to fly abroad for their foreign education because they are not aware of the intricacies involved in the process. However, with the right guidance from our consultants, this should no longer be a problem. So, get in touch with us today, and let’s get you flying to Canada to experience the best yet most affordable education!