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The Core Benefits of Studying in the UK

What does studying abroad mean to you? Well, to most people, it means better quality of education, satisfying career reach, and fat pay packages. But you know what? The benefits of pursuing your education from a foreign country are way more than what’s listed here. And one country, which stands true under multiple parameters for delivering high standard global education, is the UK.

You will be surprised to know that the UK is home to over 2 million students. The best part about the education system in this country is that it touches upon streams and fields of study which do not receive enough exposure in other countries. This means that even if you wish to pursue a career in non-traditional subjects like forensics, naval management, or drama therapy, the UK is the place for you!

No doubt, attaining your education in the UK is one of the best things you can do for your educational as well professional life ahead. However, one difficulty that most students face in getting their education in the UK is with respect to selecting the right university, completing documentation, and getting the visa sorted. But worry not, as we, at Storm Overseas, recognized among the leading UK education consultants in Hyderabad, are right here to help you fulfill your dream of studying in the UK.


What makes the UK a hotspot for international education?

  • Wide choice of universities:

You will be glad to know that there are multiple internationally acclaimed universities in the UK. Some of the popular names include Imperial College London, University of Edinburgh, University of Manchester, University of Oxford, and the University of Cambridge, among others. In fact, as per QS World University Ranking 2022, 17 out of the world’s 100 best universities are in the UK!


We, at Storm Overseas, are proud to state that we have catered to over 21 thousand aspirants to realize their study abroad dreams, and the UK has always remained one of the favorite destinations for the most aspiring students. Our consultants work closely with students to help them choose the most appropriate university and help them in getting started onto their journey to success.


  • A breakthrough career:

One of the reasons students pursue education internationally is purely to bag lucrative work opportunities. The UK thoroughly takes care of this area!


In fact, as per the “New Graduate Rule” introduced in July 2021, international students can stay back in the UK post education, looking for work opportunities. While Ph.D. holders are allowed a time span of 3 years, students pursuing other courses can utilize a period of 2 years. This is an added advantage, which is unique to this country.


  • Pocket-friendly alternatives:

While parents wish for their children to get an opportunity of studying abroad, limited financial access often ends up working as a hurdle. This issue is resolved to a certain extent for students wanting to pursue higher education in the UK.


This is because the duration of various courses in the UK are shorter when compared to those in other countries. The shorter the duration, the lower the fees. Likewise, brighter are the chances of securing a job and earning!


We, at Storm Overseas, one of the leading UK education consultants in Delhi, understand that not everyone is aware of such intricate information. This is something we bring out in the open before every aspirant who approaches us for guidance.


  • Choice of subjects:

As you might already know, when you pursue any field of study, you need to learn every subject forming a part of the curriculum, even if it means studying a subject you have no interest in.


This can get a little taxing for students. However, this hurdle is taken care by the education system in the UK as it allows students the liberty of picking out subjects only that they would like to study.


This works best to builds students’ interest in education, secure better grades, and improve their learning curve.


  • Cultural exchange:

When you plan to study abroad, one of the parameters to motivate you is your ability to experience a diverse culture. This gets even better in the UK.


This is because around fourteen percent of the population in the UK was born abroad. If you have plans to reside in London, you would be happy to know that around 35% of the population here was born out of the UK.


Cultural exchange like this contributes toward broadening your horizons while equipping you with information that you may have otherwise not known. We, at Storm Overseas, are proud to offer student-friendly services, which help give clarity and direction to students looking to study abroad.


  • Support for overseas students:

If you have plans to study in the UK, you will be glad to know that the UK stands out for the exceptional support it offers to overseas students.


For instance, every university in the UK has an in-house office only to address questions and queries that the international students may have. This support relates to various areas such as tuition, housing, and academic support.


International students can also approach the UK Council for International Student Affairs to receive support through their stay in the UK. There is a lot of information available on the website of this advisory body. Likewise, students can ring up their hotline number to get answers to any questions that they may have.

  • Great place to live:

When going to study at an international location, students are generally worried about stepping into an unknown territory. As a part of this move, many things possibly change. Students have to make new friends. They need to understand the local area. They need to adjust to the weather. They have to familiarize themselves with the changing food culture.


Amidst this, the only relief they can have is living in a warm and peaceful country. This is something the UK stands true to! As per OECD Better Life Index, people living in the UK ranked their general satisfaction with life at a 6.8 out of a 10.


So, get your bags packed and get ready to study in the UK!

If you have made up your mind to study abroad, but are confused about the country you should be heading to, then now you have your answer. The UK is the best country in terms of education and living.

You will neither face budget issues nor have trouble studying subjects that are of interest to you. In the process, your language skills will improve as well!

If you are uncertain about the procedures and related details regarding studying in the UK, then feel free to get in touch with our experienced consultants. We, at Storm Overseas, renowned UK education consultants in Hyderabad, will offer you all the information that you may need to study in the UK.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today and get set ready to study in the UK!