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The Happy Indian Students in Australia

The Happy Indian Students in Australia

India is the second highest contributor of students to Australia, topped only by China. Close to 72,000 Indian students fly to Australia each year to enrol in educational institutes. Here's why, how and how you can be a part of this exciting community of successful students.

Over the years, thousands of Indian students have been choosing Australia as the preferred destination for graduate and post graduate education. Today, it is still the most sought after study-destinations for Indians. Many of them have settled there or have created a strong student community support system that aspiring students of today can benefit from. When one visits another country for the purpose of studying for a short or long period, there is a period of adjustment and acclimatisation in which certain familiarity is helpful.
Lucky for today's students, there is already a set of Indians who have successfully adapted to the Aussie ways and are creating waves for future students to follow.

The favoured sectors for education among the Indian community include Business, Management, Accounting, IT and Hotel Management, Engineering, Architecture-- Indians are known to opt for all the top MBA courses being offered 'Down Under'.

We will be covering other top Australian Universities further down in this blog. But first...

Benefits of being an Indian Student in Australia

  • Multicultural Diversity

Australia has one of the highest number of international students in the world. This has caused the local student community to appear as a fun potpourri of various nationalities. The diverse ethnicity, festivals, foods, fashion and culture of other nations have influenced daily life in Australia extensively. This creates a colourful and highly educational experience for all Indian students studying and living there.

  • Language no barrier

The primary language in Australia is English. Unlike nations such as Canada where French is used as a second language, Australia has no such requirement. All courses and tutorial instructions in universities are in English. This is a major contributing factor towards a growing international community.

  • Favourable system

Most Indian students excel in Australian universities as the educational system there seems to bring out the best in them. After a rather strict and rigorous schooling system back home, the rather open and flexible school system in Australia tends to favour the Indian students who find it easy to adapt and flourish there. Australian education focuses on overall development which the Indian students enjoy and can relate to.

  • Good Weather conditions

Unlike the US, UK or Canada, Australia has similar weather conditions that are easier for our students to adjust to.

  • Simplified visa policies

The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection have introduced many new friendly policies to make it easier for International/Indian students to study in Australia. Eg: The SSVF is designed to make the process of applying for a student visa simpler to navigate - and without paper! It’s all online.  

  • Advanced course material

Australia boasts of superior course material that consists of the latest findings and updated information in any field of study. This is especially helpful for Indian students desiring to enter the IT/Technology related industries. Many Indian students opt for Business, Management, Accounting, IT, Hotel Management, PM, Engineering, Architecture etc., courses in Australia due to the choice of curriculum that these universities offer.

  • Extracurricular Life

Indian students, like all others, have realised the importance of recreation and extracurricular activities and Australia is filled with such opportunities. Whether its travel, cultural, sporting or just experiencing nature, this is the country for it. Beaches, camping, sailing, river activities, sports, theatre and food festivals are just some of the many activities Australians indulge in and Indians are beginning to explore as well.

Some top Australian Universities for International students

The preferred cities in Australia for Indian students are Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Tasmania but there are numerous other universities in other Australian cities that are worth checking out.

Below are the list of  some great Universities recommended very popular among Indian students as they offer very high quality education.

Macquarie University

RMIT University

Bond University

Monash University

Queensland University Technology

Griffith University

University of Wollongong

Latrobe University

Swinburne University

Southern Cross University

Edith Cowan University

James Cook University

Federation University

Central Queensland University

Charles Darwin University

Western Sydney University

University of Tasmania


It is believed that out of every five Indian students interested in studying abroad, at least one will be targeting Australia. And this number is also growing according to some reports.

Thus choosing Australia as a study destination is a good, safe and a wise decision!

Since there is so much choice in this country, it's important to know what type of course or university is best for you if you are a student and undecided.

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