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The Top 5 B-Schools in Australia

Commerce or Trade is the lifeblood of any economy. One can trace its roots back to ancient times when people traded with one another through bartering. However, that has changed over time. Modern Commerce is "the buying or selling of goods and services." It is essential for the development of society as a whole, as is proven by the fact that it has changed the socioeconomic status of many countries that were very poor until a couple of decades ago. Thus, its essentiality can't be overstated, and the best way to attain mastery in the same is through studying business studies.


If the paragraph mentioned above sounds appealing to you, then you may be wondering how you can try and have an in-depth understanding and be a part of the field. If this is the case, then B-Schools are a viable option for you. Here, you'll get an in-depth understanding of how the business world functions and what’s needed for the betterment of an economy. Now, there are innumerable B-Schools to choose from. But if you want to attain a degree from a foreign country, Australia should be among your top choices. So, in this article today, we, Storm Overseas, renowned Australian education consultants in Delhi, will acquaint you with the top five Australian B-Schools, choosing any one of which will easily suit your endeavors.


A Buffet of Choices

There are many excellent B-Schools in Australia. In fact, too many to count. However, students tend to prefer the following five. These are top-notch educational institutes, each of which has great facilities and faculties. Let us look at each of them, one at a time.


  • The University of Queensland:The University of Queensland features an MBA program that’s recognized for its excellence and internationality. You'll learn how to overcome challenges, incorporate changes, and create opportunities at work. You'll get to engage with other companies in different fields, nationally and internationally, thus increasing your skillset. The program will also teach you basic business strategies and how to analyze them. You will also be evaluating, predicting, and improving the performance of companies. There are many other features in the MBA courses offered here. You can visit their website to get fully acquainted with all the options.


  • Melbourne Business School:If pursuing an MBA in Australia is your preference, then the Melbourne Business School should be amongst your top two choices. It should be an automatic choice for international students, as they stand at a staggering 77% amongst all its students. The teaching method here is practical-based; thus, it's much more impactful. The full-time program is recommended for those who want to be more dedicated to their curriculum. If this isn't the right option for you, they offer shorter courses that help you start your career quicker. Click here to learn more about Melbourne Business School.


  • Monash Business School, Monash University:Another top choice is the Monash Business School, which offers 21 months of full-time MBA courses. The courses are structured around experience-based modules, project consultation, and overseas work experience opportunities. The graduates leave with a selection of consulting projects to show how they employ practical skills to deliver the expected results. These include a variety of industries and topics like strategy, technology, start-ups, etc. After completing the course, this aspect proves invaluable when applying for jobs. Click here to learn more.


  • Australian Graduate School of Management (AGSM), University of New South Wales Business School:Ranking #1 in Australia for Career Outcome by QS EMBA in 2021, AGSM should be your original choice. It offers a wide range of electives that enhance a student's capability by manifold. You'll also get access to program materials, timetables, and academic and business journals. Additionally, you'll be able to choose face-to-face or online delivery modes as per your needs and preferences for most courses. Click here to get a complete understanding of their MBA structure.


  • University of New South Wales:If you want to study the nuances of business in a prestigious college in Australia, look no further than the University of New South Wales. Offering specialized and extension courses, the graduates are highly sought after and get terrific jobs. The duration of the courses varies from one year to two years and eight months, where you get to select from a vast array of electives that set you apart from the competition, as you learn a lot. Click here to learn more about the University of New South Wales courses.



Australia is one of the best places to study if you are an international student. It has a multicultural society, with a high percentage of foreign population. If you decide to go there, you will be welcomed by the people, and the government will be receptive to providing you with jobs after your education. Moreover, if you want to return to your country with a business degree from Australia, your future will be set up for greatness. We from Storm Overseas, well-known Australian education consultants in Delhi, highly encourage you to give Australia a fair consideration, and we are certain you won't be disappointed. In case any assistance is required along your educational journey, remember we, at Storm Overseas, are just a phone call away!