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The Top 6 Universities in Australia

Do you know that as of January 2021, over 1 million Indian students have been reported to be pursuing their studies from abroad? The popularity of international education comes from the fact that it offers a much-needed career boost. In fact, it has been seen that students, who study abroad, have better chances of grabbing attractive job opportunities and corresponding pay packages both within India and abroad.

For the longest time, countries like theUSA, theUK,Canada, and Singapore have maintained a position among the hotspots for international education. However, of late, Australia has emerged as a frontrunner!

While Australia stands out for its excellent education system, there are a number of other factors as well that make students fancy Australia. Some of these factors include easy-going life, friendly locals, and a high standard of living. No wonder, Australia is popular as an education destination among the youth of today. However, one problem that most students come across is about selecting the best university for them among the many available in Australia.

Thus, here, in this article today, we, at Storm Overseas, ranked among the best study abroad consultants in Hyderabad for Australia, have brought forth for you a list of the top 6 universities in Australia. This will help ease your decision. So, here we go!


  • University of Melbourne:

Located in Melbourne, the “University of Melbourne” is a public research university founded in 1953. It is the oldest university in Victoria and the second oldest in Australia.


This University has been consistent in its ranking, especially in the field of teaching and research. In 2022, Times Higher Education ranked the University of Melbourne first in Australia.


Each program at this University has a different entry standard. However, the acceptance rate generally falls between 70% to 80% which makes it a little tough nut to crack and obtain admission to this university.


At Storm Overseas, we understand that you might need professional support and guidance to get through a university like this. Thus, we make sure that you have a firm hold on various parameters such as the course content, academic reputation, student life, and student services before making the final call.


  • Australian National University (ANU):

Australian National University is a public research university based in Canberra, Australia. QS World University Ranking ranked ANU as the number one University in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere in 2022. The reason behind the tremendous popularity of ANU is the fact that it offers quality facilities to students so that they can make the most out of their time on the campus.


Right from research facilities and study spaces, to student accommodation, every area associated with this university reflects the quality and high standard.


  • The University of Sydney:

Founded in 1850, the University of Sydney is Australia’s first university and has received acclaim worldwide. It is worth mentioning that this university is one of Australia’s six sandstone universities.


This university comprises eight faculties, which include a mix of bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees. Likewise, this is one of the first universities in the world, where students are offered admission purely on the basis of merit and without discriminating between male and female applicants.


However, one thing which you need to understand here is the popularity of the university attracts huge competition in terms of admissions. Thus, to get through this university, it is important that you remain prepared beforehand with all the requisites and give dedicated time to your preps. This is why we, at Storm Overseas, as one of the leading study abroad consultants in Delhi for Australia, leave no stone unturned in ensuring that students are not just provided with the necessary know-how but also have the required assistance and backing with regard to documentation and related procedures.


  • University of Queensland:

The University of Queensland is a public research university based out of Brisbane. You might not know, but the university is so popular that the number of applicants applying to this university is always higher than the number of seats available! This adds to the competitiveness of this university.


The university offers associate, bachelor, master’s, doctoral, and high doctoral programs through a college, a graduate school, and six independent faculties.


The highlight of this university is its course quality, which makes it a university par excellence when compared to its counterparts.


  • University of Adelaide:

If you are interested in being a part of a learning community that thrives on multicultural beliefs, you must try to get into the University of Adelaide. In fact, this university particularly stands out for its high-quality learning environment.


Established in 1874, it is the third-oldest university in Australia. The University of Adelaide is distributed across five faculties, which are listed below:


  • Faculty of Engineering, Computer, and Mathematical Sciences
  • Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Professions
  • Faculty of Sciences


  • University of Technology, Sydney:

This is another public research university located in Sydney. This university stands out for its innovative learning and teaching approach. Students generally praise this university for its exceptional learning environment, which comprises an apt mix of in-class learning and online sessions.


Another reason behind the popularity of this university is its in-house teaching program, which is career-focussed and aims at preparing the students to bag lucrative career opportunities ahead. Moreover, this university is also known for its strong links in the industry.


It is worth noting that the University of Technology, Sydney is one of the world’s leading young universities. The different faculties functional at this university are the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Faculty of Health, Faculty of Law, and Faculty of Science.

So, as you can see, these are the top six universities you can keep on your target list if Australia is on your mind for higher studies. However, keep in mind and stay prepared that the competition for admission is going to be tough!

As per the Department of Education, about 27.1% of on-campus students in Australian Universities are international students. There has been a drastic rise in the numbers, which otherwise stood at 23.6% in 2018. The sense of student community, quality of life in Australia, employability, and student satisfaction are some of the factors, which contribute to Australia’s popularity as a preferred destination for higher education.

Not to forget, Melbourne and Sydney rank among the top five best cities as far as pursuing higher studies is concerned.

As such, if you are keen on heading to Australia for pursuing your higher education, then make sure you have the right information and backing with you! But, with us, at Storm Overseas, renowned study abroad consultants in Hyderabad for Australia, by your side, you need not worry at all! Our team of experienced and committed counselors will make your decision to study in Australia easier. We take pride in having assisted over 21,000 students and are glad that we were able to help these young minds get onto the path of their dreams and life ahead.

So, what are you waiting for? Head to any of our 30+ offices in India and other parts of the world and connect with us at the earliest possible to get going to Australia!