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The Top 6 Universities in New Zealand in 2022

New Zealand is a beautiful country dominated by green hills, majestic mountains, and a diverse landscape. However, if this makes you think that all this makes New Zealand a great travel destination, let us tell you that besides being a beautiful country, New Zealand also stands as a great study abroad destination.

It is worth noting that New Zealand offers the highest percentage of public funding for education as compared to other countries around the world. Moreover, universities in New Zealand have been consistently meeting global standards, with the education system being termed as one of the best in the world.

Additionally, New Zealand is in the lead as far as the highest levels of literacy, mathematics, and sciences in the country are concerned. These are enough reasons for international students to consider pursuing their academics from New Zealand. So today, we, at Storm Overseas, one of the leading education consultants in India for New Zealand have brought for you a list of the top six universities in New Zealand you may want to consider if pursuing your higher education from a foreign land is on your mind.


Top 6 Universities in New Zealand:

  • The University of Auckland:

One of the top universities in New Zealand, which forms a part of the top hundred universities as ranked by the QS World University Rankings, is the University of Auckland. This is one of New Zealand's largest and comprehensive universities.


At this university, you can study different faculties such as arts, business, law, engineering, science, medical and Health Sciences. There are three research institutes associated with the five campuses of this university.


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  • Massey University:

If you are to go by the student reviews, then Massey University should sit on the top of your list. Additionally, as per the QS World University rankings, Massey University stands 284 in terms of its rankings.


International students generally have a great time at this university because it is known for its warm and welcoming nature. It has an extensive library, where students can gather information in addition to their immediate syllabus. Most importantly, the registration process at this university is completely straightforward, and so are the sessions which stand out for their interesting and engaging approach.


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  • University of Otago:

Ranked among the top 1% universities of the world, the University of Otago is a public university based in Dunedin, Otago. The university is known for its vibrant student life and quality of education. In terms of research, this university stands second to the University of Auckland as far as the number of A-rated researchers is concerned.


If you are a spoiler for picture-perfect locations, you will have a great time on the University of Otago campus because it represents architectural grander. Moreover, the adjoining gardens add to the beauty of the campus, which has led to this University being named one of the world's most beautiful universities by the Daily Telegraph and The Huffington Post.


If you are an ambitious mind looking forward to studying at this picturesque university in New Zealand, feel free to get in touch with us at Storm Overseas. We have a team of experienced consultants who will take you through the process and aid you with all your admission requirements.


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  • Lincoln University:

One of the oldest agricultural teaching institutions in the southern hemisphere is the Lincoln University. This is also the smallest university in New Zealand. However, in terms of academic excellence, it is no less than the leading universities of the country.


In 2020, Lincoln University was awarded a 5-star score in the QS Stars rating, which happens to be the highest accolade in the national teaching excellence framework.


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  • Auckland University of Technology:

Auckland University of Technology is recognized as one of New Zealand's best in terms of Global Research impact. This university's cluster of 60 research centers and institutes deliver research outcomes across multiple fields of study, which include artificial intelligence, robotics, physical activity, nutrition, space, and ecology.


If you have a bent on research, we, at Storm Overseas, would like to advise you to try your hand at securing admission at this reputed university in New Zealand. It would be great for your research endeavors!


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  • University of Canterbury:

The University of Canterbury is a public research university based in Christchurch in New Zealand. This university is ranked among the top 300 universities in the world. If you are interested in pursuing an engineering or science program, this university is for you! It is worth mentioning that the Civil Engineering program of this university is ranked 9th in the world as per the academic ranking of world universities, 2021.


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If you are keen on studying in New Zealand but are unsure about the processes and further action, it would be beneficial to get in touch with someone having expert insights into such matters. And we, at Storm Overseas, one of the leading education consultants in India for New Zealand, are right here with our highly experienced education and career counselors to make your academic transition easier! Our team of expert consultants will be happy to guide and assist you in the best way possible.