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Tips to Remain Cyber-Safe Overseas

Tips to Remain Cyber-Safe Overseas

HI, it’s good that you're reading this blog today. Just let me rewind a bit and take you back to our first blog titled
“Cyber Security – A Silver Egg Career Option" on June 21, 2018. That blog covers extensively on the Cyber hacks globally and how to be safe and secure is a top priority today. If you haven't read it yet, it is highly recommended that you do. Cyber Security is a top priority. In this particular blog, we’ll look at how you can be safe especially when you travel abroad on vacation, work or to study.

So here are a few tips to remain cyber safe in your crusade.

1) Go Minimum

It’s the tendency to possess a bunch of electronics for various tasks & while travelling abroad you end up carrying them all around and risk chances of losing them, unknowingly there is always a potential threat of data breach, hence make sure of carrying only the necessary devices.

2) Prevent Intruder

We’ve always been taught from childhood that prevention is better than cure, and so most of our electronic devices have in-built locking system either with PIN/Pattern/word lock, Bio-metric authentication & Facial recognition hence always make sure the first line of defence is set irrespective of what electronic device you carry. Lock your devices with a strong & unique password and reduce the odds of the data breach to a minimum extent.

3) Discreet usage

Access to the internet has been vital in day to day life and the urge to stay connected make us use the Public cafes, Free Wi-Fi hotspots which is the most common mistake everyone does. It’s advised to refrain/avoid using public connection especially for banking transaction, accessing sensitive data, Exchanging vital information.

4) Stay Updated

Every now and then we keep hearing security breaches on electronic devices and data compromise from reputed companies. So Keeping your phone applications/Operating System updated is always a good practice and increases security along with enhanced performance making it a significant advantage.

Those who have concern over data usage may hesitate to update their Apps/OS since it consumes a lot of data. But if you are able to find some unlimited and secure sources of the internet (e.g. unlimited Wi-Fi at your home or at your relative or friend's home or mobile data plan) you should update.


5) Moderation

Social media has been a part of daily medium for this generation and unknowingly we keep on giving trails of everything we do in our daily lives. Starting what we eat, where we live/work, Friends & family etc. Giving criminals a fair chance of information to take advantage hence it’s advised to moderate on things we share on social media and keep a check on accepting strangers as friends.

These basic precautions are unlikely to stop you from aspiring education & experience a new culture, but these handy tips can go long way towards preventing yourself from having a miserable one too.