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Top 5 Scholarships for International Students to Study in the UK

Most of the students who choose to fly to a foreign destination to pursue their higher studies have their own reasons for studying abroad. However, some common persuaders are high-class education, career boost, reputed work engagement, and of course, a fat pay package.

Having said that, there is another crucial facet that plays a key role when it comes to pinpointing the study abroad destination, and that is the financial load that foreign education is going to bring along with it. No denying, attaining your education from a foreign country is going to be quite on the higher side. However, a feasible option in such a scenario, which, in fact, most students wish to opt for, is the scholarships!

So today, in this article below, we, at Storm Overseas, ranked among the leading UK education consultants in Hyderabad, will shed light on the top 5 scholarships that you can eye on if the United Kingdom is where you are willing to head to for your higher studies. Read on.


  • Commonwealth Scholarships

Commonwealth Scholarships are a part of the UK’s commitment to the Commonwealth. As a part of this scheme, around 800 students are admitted to the postgraduate courses in the UK.

This scholarship is primarily for talented students who wish to study in the UK but do not have the necessary financial support to do so. The primary agenda behind this scholarship is to work on British international development goals. It is a win-win situation here as this scholarship adds outstanding talent to the universities in the UK while contributing to sustainable development in foreign countries.

You become eligible for this scholarship if you are a citizen or permanent resident of a Commonwealth country. You can avail of this scholarship for Ph.D. and Master’s programs. The UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) fully funds most of these scholarships.


  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships

International students who wish to pursue a full-time, post-graduation degree at the University of Cambridge can apply for the Gates Cambridge Scholarship. This scholarship is applicable for subjects that are a part of the University of Cambridge.

This scholarship does not only provide educational funding but, in certain cases, offers additional discretionary funding as well.

We, at Storm Overseas, one of the best UK education consultants in India, would like to encourage the ambitious students desirous of studying in the UK to not just choose the University of Cambridge but also perform well to grab the scholarship. After all, this University is one of the leading universities not just in the UK but also in the entire world.

If you get to put your hands on the Gates Cambridge Scholarship, you will be able to study at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK without worrying about the financial hassles!


  • Rhodes House Scholarships

It is indeed a matter of prestige to study at the University of Oxford in the UK. However, the inability to fund the tuition fees and related expenses often acts as a hurdle for most aspirants.

The good news here is that if you are a consistent performer, there are bright chances of you securing the Rhodes House Scholarship!

As a part of this scholarship, 95 talented students receive funding every year. To further break down the ambit of this scholarship, you would be happy to know that the Rhodes House Scholarship takes care of the student’s tuition fee along with two economy class airfares.

This airfare helps students get to the University to pursue their higher education. The second airfare funding is to be utilized by the international student to get back to his or her country once the scholarship ends.


  • Chevening Scholarship

Chevening Scholarship is basically a popular state-governed scholarship program. As one of the oldest scholarships in the UK, this program has been supporting international students right from its foundation in 1983.

A point of differentiation about this program is that it offers funding under two subheads. These subheads are scholarships and fellowships. The primary purpose of this scholarship is to fund international students with high academic potential.

To become eligible for this scholarship, you need to be a part of the Chevening-eligible country. Most commonly, this scholarship is applicable for a one-year Masters in the UK. However, the same can be availed for any post-graduation program that you may want to take up in the UK.

We, at Storm Overseas, understand that it can get a little daunting to gather information about scholarships at large. It is equally challenging to shortlist universities that may be offering courses that you are interested in taking up and ultimately match the appropriate scholarship with the course of your choice. This is something where our study abroad consultants and experts can help you out and enable you to sail through the procedure of applying for scholarships smoothly.


  • Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships

Most students look forward to pursuing a Ph.D. after completing their Master’s degree. Ph.D. is a degree that needs to be earned, which becomes all the more special when pursued from a foreign country like the UK.

However, the only hurdle here is that pursuing a Ph.D. in the UK gets very expensive. This is where the Edinburg Global Research Scholarship can come to your rescue!

As a part of this scholarship program, 30 students are on-boarded to pursue their Ph.D. from the University of Edinburgh. This scholarship covers partial tuition fees. If this scholarship interests you, we, at Storm Overseas, would be more than happy to guide you through the entire application process.


Wrapping Up

There is nothing like studying in the UK! Period. If you too have the urge to pursue a course of your choice from a reputed university in the UK but the only thing holding you back is the financial parameters, worry not, because if you have the ambition and determination, you have a couple of scholarships to come to your aid!

We understand that it is not always possible to shell out huge fees to study in a foreign country. However, that does not mean you cannot study abroad, in this case, in the UK. It is possible for you to pursue your Master’s or Ph.D. degree from the UK by applying for a favorable scholarship program. You need to shortlist a University of your choice, zero down on the course, and ultimately apply for a scholarship that you are eligible for.

We, at Storm Overseas, being one of the most highly trusted UK education consultants in Hyderabad, have been assisting students aspiring to study abroad for many years now. Get in touch with us and benefit from the experience and expertise of our consultants to fly to the UK for further studies, that too on a scholarship!