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Top Paying Jobs - Global Comparisons & Lifestyle Considerations

It is important when choosing a career, to consider where you wish to live and pursue your career. For example, the USA and Australia are different. Let’s take a look and help you make an informed decision regarding where you study, what you study and the career you seek to enjoy.


There is a growing trend around the world in the increase of highly-skilled jobs being paid at increasingly higher levels. According to Investopedia, careers in the healthcare industry in the United States of America are increasing their salary levels at a much faster rate than other industries.

In the table below, we have listed not only the top ten jobs by title but also the starting salary range of each job. This is for you to compare to the different jobs as per your interest.


Comparison Country - Australia

In Australia, the trend is different as the highest paying jobs are in the technology field or IT. While the salary starting rates are lower than the American ones, the cost of living and lifestyle benefits should be considered too.

In the table below, courtesy of Career Adict, we’ve listed the top five jobs. The salaries are in US dollars so your comparison is accurate.

Lifestyle & Prospects

While the top paying job in America is nearly three times as high as the top paying job in Australia, it is important to consider the lifestyle factors such as a passion for the job, healthcare & retirement savings, climate (some people suffer from allergies which make humid climates impossible to live in) and the flexibility to take holidays and enjoy time with one’s family.

The concept of prospects is also important to many people. Both healthcare and IT are growth industries, as people age and data becomes intertwined through the internet-of-things (IOT), there are always opportunities for a career and launching new businesses in these two industries.

In addition to your core values as a person, there are personality questions to ask yourself if you are attracted to one of these top paying jobs in the USA or Australia. According to EHL, considering the following will help you decide not only what you do, but where and why you do it:

  1. Are you a leader or follower?
  2. Do you prefer to work alone or in a group?
  3. Do you prefer to cooperate or compete with others?
  4. Do you enjoy helping others or prefer to empower them to do things themselves?
  5. Are you a thinker who focuses on ideas or are you a doer who takes action?
  6. Are you a creative and artistic person or do you thrive in structure and routine?

Keep one thing important concept in mind: traditionally, people would work in one career and even one company for their entire lives. This has changed. It is common for people to retrain or branch out into new careers and even completely different industries. The important factor is to develop a proven track record of success in your first career and use it as a launching pad for your future.

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Guest Author - Craig Hansen, University of Auckland, Alumni Coordinator for Indonesia