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Want an international Masters degree? Consider Australia!

Want an international Masters degree? Consider Australia!

Considering a Masters program in Australia is one the best decisions you could ever make that will positively impact your life and career...

If you have successfully arrived at the post graduate milestone in your life, then it’s likely that you know exactly which career path you would like to take. Your area of expertise is well defined and you have achieved a sound educational foundation for which to build on. Though you may not be financially independent yet, the world of employment is well within your reach. Now is the time to set your sights on your highest aspirations and begin the vital move out of the familiar student comfort space and into the real zone of future possibilities.

To be able to do this, you need to make the correct decision about your higher studies. This decision can literally open up limitless avenues or completely deny you of what you truly deserve.

Australia has been growing steadily as a chosen destination for Indian students. In fact, it is the third most popular country for students from all over the world, making it a fascinating melting pot of diverse cultures and ethnicities. And then, of course there's the sunny Aussie weather, comprehensive curriculum, top notch teaching, course choices and numerous finance options among others.

Here are some details about how Australian universities have achieved a high global ranking and why you should seriously consider them for your Masters degree:

Research and Innovation

The quality of any post graduate course can be easily judged by its relevance of content and usage of technology. A Masters program backed by top class training and research in state of the art laboratories is a fulfilling one. Australia prides itself in being among the first to adopt any new technologies related to academic material. The Australian style of teaching encourages research and presents numerous opportunities for exploration that develop knowledge and promote deeper interest in the subject. To truly enjoy and gain from a Masters in any subject – research, in-depth understanding and superior training create the apt trinity.

Due Recognition

Unlike other countries, Australian universities accept a 3 year Bachelors degree with a First or Second Class result for a Masters program. Apart from which, a Masters degree obtained from an Australian university is well recognised by most companies around the world. The Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) covers most courses and training conducted within the country. The AQF confirms a course's quality and standard.

Financial Feasibility

Money wise, the entire deal, that involves doing your Masters in Australia, seems sweet. First of all, Australia presents on a platter many more scholarship opportunities than other first world countries.  The visa process is straightforward for international students and involves no extra or hidden costs. Next, a Masters course can be one to two years maximum in length, cutting down tuition and living costs to this duration. Added to which, the tuition costs themselves are quite reasonable and so are accommodation expenses. Since Australia isn't as populated or saturated as the US or UK, getting a job post your degree is relatively simpler. You can even work 20 hours a week on your student visa to Australia. Financial aid can be in the form of scholarships, students loans and other arrangements.

Enriching Experience

It is the post graduate stage at which you are more aware, responsible and able to explore the creative or recreational side of life. Australia is the perfect country for extra curricular activities. If you love the outdoors, there are innumerable chances to go swimming, trekking, camping, hiking, the works! Likewise, if you are a fan of artistic pursuits and related entertainment, Australia has cultural programs, art exhibitions, movie festivals, music shows and gastronomic events galore. In fact, Australia is rather aggressive on the global culinary scene these days so if you like good international cuisine, Australia is the place for it. Even if you have a liking for sports, you will feel right at home on the Aussie turf.

Perfect Language

Before we speak about the wide area of specialisations you can opt for in Australia, an advantage of doing any course there is the language. Some countries such as Canada or certain parts of the US may require you to know a second language such as French or Spanish. The national language in Australia is English and so is all the academic content. There is no second language requirement. Plus the Australians study according to the British English system which most Indians are familiar with making it easier to pick up the course material.

Choice of Courses

You can select almost any topic and an Australian university will have a Masters program on it! The more popular topics include Education, Management, Engineering, Information Technology and Public Health. Some niche Masters subjects include Peace & Conflict Studies, Neuroscience, Diplomacy, Climate Change, Ageing, Social Work, Landscape Architecture, Animation & Visualisation, Creative Writing, Criminology and so much more!


A few Top Australian Universities offering Masters programs


In total there are more than 250 Masters programs being offered in Australia currently. Due to the community of Indian students and now Indian workforce that has been in Australia for a while, Indian students rarely miss home and tend to make friends quite easily in this country. It’s not only the Indians that will make you feel at home but the entire multicultural community that makes the fabric of the Australian populace, will offer you a diverse and varied experience like no other country. 


So if you are motivated enough to pursue a Masters course in Australia, identify your area of interest and find out which course and university suits your best. You may call STORM and our team will guide you through course/university selection, application process, visa formalities, interview, finance and other aspects to get you to Australia as soon as possible.