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What Are Your Rights as An International Student in Australia?

Studying abroad is no doubt a matter of pride and prestige. However, with the diverse choice of universities and fields of education you can pursue abroad, the decision of choosing a foreign country can get a little difficult.

While the US, UK, and Canada have been some of the top favorites, Australia is gaining an equal amount of momentum. One of the reasons being that there are 43 Universities in Australia, 6 of which have found a place in the internationally renowned top 100.

Additionally, Australia has a friendly and laid-back environment, which makes settling in easier. Having said that, if you have plans to study in Australia, it is always better to know the rights you enjoy there as an international student.

We, at Storm Overseas, one of the leading Australian education consultants in India, understand how important it is for international students to have this information at the tip of their fingers. So today, in this article below, we will shed light on what all rights you get to enjoy in Australia as an international student. Read on.


Rights of International Students in Australia:

Whenever you head to Australia to pursue your education, the Australian laws will cover you. Moreover, since every educational institute needs to be registered to deliver accredited courses and appear for formal quality assurances periodically, the rights of international students cannot be overlooked.

Let us take a quick look at the many dimensions associated with this agenda.

  • Overseas Students Ombudsman:

We, at Storm Overseas, have often received a query from parents and students alike about the action they can take in case the university of their Choice fails to keep up with its initial assurances. Our consultants are quick to answer such questions by mentioning about the Overseas Students Ombudsman based in different states of Australia.


So, if an international student has any valid complaints to make against the university they are studying at, they can get in touch with the Overseas Students Ombudsman. This Body is a free, independent, and unbiased authority that will oversee the formal complaint or appeal the international student makes.


Any time there is a breach of contract with respect to the terms of education or rights of international students, such complaints may be raised.


  • Consumer Protection:

While you may like to believe that the Consumer Protection Laws in Australia are restricted to consumers who buy a product or avail of a service, there is certainly more to this.


As an international student studying in Australia, you are covered by the Consumer Protection Laws. For instance, if you come across unfair contract terms, you can raise the issue under this law.


At Storm Overseas, we firmly believe that proper information about such laws and also the authorities that need to be approached in any such instances should be handy with any student going abroad to study. Thus, this is something we always ensure to keep our students informed about!


  • Tuition Protection Service:

While studying abroad comes with its own set of benefits, what is equally challenging is raising funds to meet the fee requirements. In the case of international students, most of them avail education loans to study abroad. The only objective here is to successfully complete the course, find a well-paying job, and repay the loan.


Amidst this, if they are unable to complete the course due to discrepancies on the part of the educational institute, they might end up finding themselves in a soup. Moreover, the tuition fee would get blocked with no clear future for the student. To avoid such instances from popping up, the Tuition Protection Service works toward protecting international students so that the tuition fee can be recovered.


In case the institute fails to complete the full course, the tuition fee becomes recoverable. Additionally, if the student has not started or has decided to stop the course, the tuition fee can be recovered with the help of this service.


In certain cases, this service might also help students to get themselves admitted to another course or a different institution altogether.


  • General Rights as an Individual Residing in Australia:

Once you move to Australia for your education, you will become a vital part of the country, as you will be spending a considerable amount of time in this foreign land. As an individual residing in Australia, you will enjoy certain rights, which every other Australian citizen enjoys.


Firstly, you enjoy the right to non-discrimination. As a part of this, by no means can you be discriminated against on parameters like your race, color, gender, language, or opinion. The basis of this right is that human rights are common and easily accessible to all.


Access to justice is another right enjoyed by international students in Australia. This right says that justice delivered to international students should be fair and non-discriminatory. Likewise, necessary steps need to be taken to keep the proceedings transparent.


International students residing in Australia have access to adequate housing. This is a critical human right, which proves life-changing for such students. In fact, it is believed that adequate housing helps in improving the standard of living of such students.


Apart from this, some other rights enjoyed by international students studying in Australia are the security of the individual, equality of treatment, and labor rights.


Go Study in Australia Free of Worries!

Were you looking for reasons to study in Australia? If so, you now have so many of them! Right from top-ranking universities to the option of availing scholarships to the tune of 50%, there is a lot that Australia has on offer for international students.

Additionally, now you know all your rights as an international student in Australia, which would further ease your journey in the foreign land.

So, by now, if you have made up your mind to study in Australia, you can opt to choose any of the intake periods, namely February, July, and November.

If you need any extra information with respect to getting admission to your dream university in Australia, you can get in touch with our expert consultants at Storm Overseas, who will be more than willing to take you through the entire process. We, at Storm Overseas, recognized among the leading Australian education consultants in Hyderabad, have catered to the needs of over 21,000 students till date and would love to add you to our list of successful international applicants.