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What Makes Singapore a Top-Ranking Education Hub?

The reasons for Singapore to emerge as a global education hub are manifold. From globally-recognized universities to the best standards in the field of education to affordable tuition fees, Singapore offers them all! Thus, if you’re planning to head to Singapore to pursue your higher education, you have indeed made a good choice.

We, at Storm Overseas, counted among the most prestigious Singapore education consultants in India, believe that higher education improves your career prospects significantly. More so, by choosing Singapore to pursue your higher studies, you can take advantage of a host of lucrative job and employment opportunities after course completion.

We understand how challenging it can be to select a university and course as per your interests and budget. Therefore, we suggest you contact our specialized team of education consultants to help you make the right decision.

Whether you need help with selecting a course or understanding the admission process in a Singaporean University, we strive to be your one-stop shop for all your educational needs. Our talented team of counselors even helps you to organize your visa papers to realize your cherished dream of studying in Singapore.


What Makes Singapore a Viable Study Destination?

Listed below are the different reasons why Singapore is rated among the best education hubs globally. Read on.

  • Conforms to the highest-quality education standards

Singapore boasts of having a host of internationally-acclaimed universities that have fully-equipped campuses to fuel the holistic development of the pupils. Additionally, Singapore-based universities work closely with other universities around the world to offer the best job placements to the students.

Singapore Management University (SMU), the National University of Singapore (NUS), and Nanyang Technological University (NTU) are among Singapore’s leading universities.

Additionally, several Singaporean universities have provisions for industry-oriented projects. Temasek Polytechnic, Republic Polytechnic, and Nanyang Polytechnic are some well-known polytechnics in Singapore. Other than that, the Island nation conducts technical courses in different streams: Applied Sciences, Media, Electronics, and Business.

  • Provides a multi-cultural environment

Singapore takes pride in its multi-cultural outlook, where people hailing from different religions feel welcome and contented. The Lion City has four official languages: English (most widely used in schools and offices), Tamil, Malay, and Chinese.

Owing to its rich cultural diversity, Singapore hosts a large number of foreign students from around the globe. In the process, they learn about the value systems of different nationalities, which widens their perspective on life, in general.

  • Good quality of life

Do you know that Singapore was ranked number one for having the highest quality of life in Asia in the 2019 Urban Life Quality Survey that was conducted by Mercer, the largest talent acquisition company globally! That’s because Singapore provides a flourishing economy, strategic geographic locations, a robust legal system, and well-organized city planning systems. Aside from that, a welcoming atmosphere, pleasant weather, and an efficient transportation system are other arguments in Singapore’s favor as an education destination.

The richness of Singapore’s culture and historical past are other reasons why international students choose the Garden City for higher education.

Singapore universities are well-versed with the importance of striking the right balance between academics and activities, too. As such, learning is not only restricted to classroom training but also extends to seeking the active participation of the students in a host of extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.

  • Comparatively-lower education costs

Well, although education in Singapore is quite on a higher side, you actually end up paying lesser at a Singapore University than you would in Australia, the USA, and the UK universities.

The average yearly tuition fees in Singapore comes up to nearly USD 11,800 annually. To complete a full-time MBA program at the renowned National University of Singapore Business School, you end up paying around USD 45,074. However, Singapore offers subsidized fees for international students who are enrolled in tertiary-level programs in its universities.

As an undergraduate student, you get the benefit of paying subsidized tuition fees when you serve the Singaporean government. As far as postgraduate students go, they have to serve the Singaporean Government for a 3-year period to avail similar benefits.

  • Attractive job prospects

As a student on a constricted budget, you can take up part-time work while studying at a Singaporean university. The Ministry of Manpower in Singapore allows international students with Student Visas to work for 16 hours per week alongside their course. More so, you can work for unlimited hours during vacation time. Nonetheless, only students who are studying in universities that support part-time employment can enjoy such opportunities. Even so, Singapore has a plethora of job opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate pupils.

Furthermore, after finishing your course, you can continue to stay in Singapore for a year on a Long-Term Visit Visa. This rule applies even in cases where you have not got a job after the end of term.

Additionally, if you secure a job in Singapore, you can apply for a Work Pass to stay on.

  • Fascinating tourist sites

Singapore houses an array of recreational places. A burgeoning ecosystem of nature settings and wildlife makes Singapore an exciting place for international students to explore. In addition to that, Singapore is dotted with nature reserves, wetlands, and rainforests. Restaurants, shopping malls, and museums are other ways of keeping students entertained in-between academic work.

For sports lovers, Singapore has facilities for dragon-boat racing, windsurfing, and wakeboarding. Besides that, this Island city-state offers a range of worldwide cuisines: Peranakan, Indian, Chinese, and Malay.


Choose Singapore as Your Education Destination!

The popularity of Singaporean universities has only grown through the years. That’s because Singapore offers opportunities to pupils to both earn and learn. The Lion City is widely recognized for its high standards of living and education as well.

If you want to know more about the varied courses that the different Singaporean universities are offering, you can contact our expert team of educational consultants. We, at Storm Overseas, are right here to help you with all the information you might need to make your stay in Singapore enjoyable, comfortable, and fruitful.

Call us at Storm Overseas, one of the leading Singapore education consultants in India, today, and our qualified team of education counselors will provide you with detailed insight into the best education and employment opportunities that Singapore has to offer.