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Why study Business and management in Singapore?

Options for international students have never been brighter, greater and more awarding than today. A degree in Business and Management from Singapore will ensure you get the right direction to attain growth in life. Let this be the guiding light in your path to success.

Though it is a small country with only 6 million people, Singapore holds a strong business stature and a unique position in the global economic market. It has emerged as one of Asia’s biggest Financial and Economic hubs capable of attracting global investors.
Add to this the rankings earned by the nation in several international surveys. Here are a few:
#1 business environment in the world and Asia Pacific region: (BER) Business Environment Rankings 2019, The Economist Intelligence Unit
#1 and #5 in the Asia Pacific and the world respectively for Best global innovation: Global Innovation Index 2018
#1 in achieving human capital like knowledge, skills, and health in the world: Human Capital Index 2019, World Bank
#1 for effective governance and enforcement of rule of law in Asia: Rule of Law Index 2018, World Justice Project
#2 for economic freedom in the world: Economic Freedom Index 2018, Heritage Foundation
#2  for the easiest place to do business in the world: Ease of Doing Business Index 2019, World Bank.
#2 and #7 in Asia and the world respectively for best logistics supply chain performance: Logistics Performance Index (LPI) 2018, World Bank
#4  for the least corrupt economy in the world: Corruption Perceptions Index 2018, Transparency International
How does studying Business and Management in Asia’s business hub sound like?
Did we tell you that Singapore is also one of the safest countries in the world?

To become a part of this fast-paced economic development, a degree in business & management will help you hit the nail right at the head. Let us familiarize those unaware with the course first.
What is Business and Management all about?
Business and Management is a field committed to developing solutions for products and services across various streams. This includes planning, organizing and analyzing the different areas of business operations for the smooth and successful sailing of businesses.
This course consists of different fields of study. They are:
➥ Advertising
➥ Public Administration
➥ Entrepreneurship
➥ International Business
➥ Sales Management
➥ Human Resources
➥ Consulting
➥ Event Planning and Hospitality.
If these options are making you dizzy or you are unsure about which one to choose, a general business degree will act as the perfect starting point.
Now that we are over this, let us discuss the difference between Business & Management and Business Administration as they are often confused for one and the other.
There is a thin line demarcating these two courses. While Business and Management deal primarily with the planning and organizing process, Business Administration is focused on everyday tasks.
Having understood the course, let us delve into studying this on the island nation.
So, why should you take up a Business and Management degree in Singapore?
✔ While pursuing a course from Singapore, students can choose to study from the UK, USA, CANADA and Australia as well. Campus transfers are also allowed.
✔ As Business and Management is one of the most sought-after programmes across the globe, Singapore is the perfect place to sharpen your skills to thrive in the business world.
✔ Many multinational companies have chosen to set up their bases in this country, giving Singapore-graduated students attractive employment opportunities.
✔ Singapore is a highly respected financial and regional trading centre. It houses the world’s busiest port and is a top location for investments in the Asia Pacific.
✔ In a lot of its educational institutions, you will have the opportunity to go overseas for a school term to enhance your degree course and gain insights into the different business landscapes of different companies.
✔ According to Talent in Asia report by Employment solutions provider RGF International Recruitment, one in four job seekers chooses Singapore as their ideal destination for work compared to other major cities in the continent. This is due to its strong and growing industries and advancement in the technology sector.
✔ Singapore tops as one of the easiest places to do business and due to its geographical location in the region, it will give you access to Asian countries, including India and China.
✔ The laws in Singapore allow individuals to set up their business in three easy steps that can be done in just one day.
What can you do with a Business and Management degree?
The attainment of this degree allows graduates to embark on a different and exciting career in the industry itself. Depending on the roles you choose, you will be prepared to take these listed roles with ease:
1) Business Analyst:
Every company has a different need. Using data analytics to aid organizations in growing their business, products and services, a business analyst identifies business problems and creates solutions to increase value.
2) Marketing Manager:
A marketing manager is concerned with managing the marketing department of a company. Through analysis of industry trends and reports, a marketing manager creates strategies to market products and services to generate leads. They work in collaboration with the sales department as well to ensure conversions.
The duties of an MM include building budgets for marketing campaigns, preparing and negotiating business contracts and reviewing advertising materials across different mediums or channels.
3) Sales Manager:
Responsible for overseeing and heading the sales team, a sales manager sets sales goals or quotas for the business. If they are leading a team, their work requires them to mentor and develop sales training methods for their sales representatives.
4) Stockbroker:
A registered person or company who buys and sells stocks or other investment orders on behalf of an organization is a stockbroker. Apart from this, they also provide financial advice for their clients.
5) Auditor:
An auditor is responsible for reviewing and preparing financial records and operations to ensure companies comply with laws and regulations and do not fall into legal traps.
Most of the institutions in Singapore offer Business and Management courses.Here is the list of centres available for studying B&M:
➊ PSB Academy
➋ SIM Global
➌ JCU Singapore
➍ MDIS Singapore
➎ Kaplan higher education in Singapore
➏ Curtin Singapore
➐ FTMS Singapore
➑ Singapore Management University
➒ National University of Singapore
Duration of the course:
➜ UG – 2 to 4 years
➜ PG – 1 to 2 Years
Entry requirements:
✔ 60% and above for UG
✔ 55 % and above for PG
✔ Students can choose the pathway for lateral entry into the degree
✔ IELTS 6.5, not less than 6.0 in each band, many institutions will waive off the IELTS under certain conditions.
Cost of Studying for an international student:
✦ Diplomas- 1 - 2 years: Approximately S$8000 - S$15000                                 
✦ Bachelors- 2-4 years: Approximately  S$24,000- S$40,000
✦ Masters- 1- 1.5 years: Approximately S$ 18,000- S$30,000