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The biggest achievement of the Australian economy is its educational system. The education system here offers over 12,000 courses that are internationally recognized and of world-class standards. Ranked third in the number of international students studying in English speaking countries.

Studying in this country ensures a consistent level of qualifications and excellent lifestyle opportunities, which is why almost 20,000 foreign candidates travel here. Australia also possesses a dynamic multicultural society that allows students to mingle with others from different backgrounds.

Education opportunities For Foreign Students In Australia

Australia's educational system focuses on research and innovation and is a leader in the field of training and academics. The country offers plenty of study options for international students. Some of them are:

Academic Scenario in Australia

Australia has made it compulsory for students to receive 11 years of primary education owing to which this country has a 99% literacy rate. After this, individuals take up vocational courses, job training or higher education. Most universities conduct classes on a trimester or a four semester calendar basis.

Australia is known as one of the best places to live, work and study. If you want to be a part of this educational system and lifestyle, then it is time to experience it!

Quality Education and assurance


TEQSA is the national, independent regulator of Australia’s higher education sector. TEQSA’s primary aim is to ensure that students receive a high quality education at any Australian higher education provider.

Code of Ethics

The code of ethics primarily aims to safeguard the interests of international students. The code provides ethical practice guidelines for universities on promotion and marketing, agents and partners, and provides information on admission of students, arrival and orientation, student support, fee-charging and refunds, university infrastructure and returning home support.

Education Services for Overseas Students ESOS

All students on a student visa are covered by the consumer and financial protections of the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000.

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