Business Analytics

Studying Business Analytics

Businesses have always relied on data to make decisions. With the explosion in data created since the advent of decision, this is proving to be an increasing uphill task. (Think of all those website clicks, Facebook likes, blogs, digitised archives and records, opinion polls and card transactions!)

This is why the demand for business analytics professionals has never been greater. These professionals use sophisticated computers, specially created software and statistical tests to manipulate and analyse large data sets.

Australian universities deliver well-organised, industry-relevant programmes that are valued by employers. In fact, a lot of the programmes are embedded with a work experience option which involves either undertaking a work placement or completing a relevant project at an external company.

Several of Australia’s 37 universities offer programmes in business analytics or data analytics (as it’s also known as).

Some of the universities where you could study are:

  • La Trobe University
  • RMIT
  • Victoria University
  • Deakin University

Salary and Career Prospects

Business analytics professional are hired by online retail companies (Amazon, eBay), including IT and tech (Microsoft, Apple), retail and hospitality (Marriott, Woolworth) and banks (ANZ, Commonwealth).

Some of the roles graduates take up are:Business Analyst, Technical Business Analyst, Transformation Business Analyst and Growth Analyst.

Salaries vary depending on qualifications, job role, location and experience. As a guide, business analytics professionals are paid around $80,000 a year (54.89 lakhs INR approx), which could rise to $110,000 with experience (75.5 lakhs INR approx).

Why Australia?

Australia has cemented its place as one of the best study destinations for international students. There are 37 universities in Australia; with 7 featuring in top 100 and 15 in top 250 in QS World Rankings 2019.

Prominent IT and technology companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple, in addition to home-grown brands like Atlassian and Aconex operate in Australia. Cities of Melbourne and Sydney have a thriving start-up and innovation landscape.

Australians enjoy year-round good weather, high salaries, access to spectacular beaches and a healthy work-life balance. The country is vast and beautiful and has something to offer for everybody, be that opera, music concerts, films, outdoor activities or beaches and surfing.

International graduates are typically offered post-study work visas of up to 3 years upon graduation.