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Australia is an extremely popular destination for Indian students looking to study postgraduate courses. Postgraduate courses in Australia can last between six months and four years. If taking a graduate program in Australia students will have the opportunity to choose between either taught or research led courses.

A master’s degree assessed by coursework will last 18 months to 24 months, students will require to complete a dissertation alongside their classroom study, whilst a research-led masters is often used to prepare students for a PhD and takes two years or more. This also requires a significant amount more independent study than a taught program.

Australian institutions offer a wide range of courses – from science to management and commerce, humanities to engineering, and law to health sciences. Australian institutions rank among the world’s best by discipline, particularly in engineering and technology, medicine, environmental science, and accounting and finance.

There are 43 universities in Australia (40 Australian universities, two international universities, and one private specialty university). Along with our universities, many other institutions offer higher education courses

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