Financial Management

Studying Financial Management

Financial management is a wide-ranging discipline incorporating finance, accounting and banking. The focus is on how these subjects are applicable to individual companies. What that means is you will study about how a firm, like, BMW budgets, pays its suppliers, takes its payment from its customers. You will also learn about regulations surrounding auditing corporate transactions and mergers and acquisitions (where one company buys another).

By studying financial management you can pursue diverge range of careers in accountancy, banking, auditing and insurance.

Some of the most popular universities and colleges in Canada that offer programmes in financial management include:

  • Cegep de la Gaspesie et des lies
  • Lasalle College

Salary and Career Prospects

Financial management professionals are needed by virtually every company in every sector, including IT and tech, retail and hospitality, banks, pharmaceutical companies and the government.

Some of the roles graduates take up are Financial Management Associate, Financial Officer, Financial Operations Consultant and Financial and Records Coordinator.

Salaries vary depending on qualifications, job role, location and experience. As a guide, project management professionals earn around an average of $78,000 a year (42 lakhs INR).

Why study in Canada?

Canada has established itself as one of the most popular study destinations for international students. Canadian universities and colleges are largely public funded and are among the best in the world. Ten of its universities are among top 250 in the world, according to QS World Rankings 2019.

Canada is among the world’s most developed and industrialised countries. It has spawned conglomerates like Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Blackberry and Bombardier. In addition to these, several tech, banking and financial services giants like Microsoft, HSBC, Facebook and Boeing operate out of here. Toronto and Vancouver are the largest cities and have a thriving start-up scene.

The country is a popular tourist destination, with millions of tourists drawn to its vibrant cities, ski resorts, national parks, museums, entertainment venues and outdoor sports provisions. Canada is a safe, multicultural and welcoming country.

The official languages are English and French, although English is the most widely spoken language. French is mainly spoken in the province of Quebec.

International graduates are able to apply for a post-study work permit lasting for up to 3 years.