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All Indian students are required to obtain a Student Authorization and Visa before going to Canada for studies. Students must also meet the requirements of the Canadian Immigration Act and Regulations. Under normal circumstances, allow at least two to six weeks for the student visa to be processed

Proof of Funds: Every applicant must demonstrate that they have sufficient financial resources available to them to pay tuition fees, maintain him/herself and dependants in Canada. Living expenses are around CDN 10,500 per year

Acceptable financial institutions in India:
Canada Visa Checklist

The documents listed below are numbered and divided into Set I, Set II and Set III. While assembling your application please mark the documents for easy reference (i.e. with tabs or markers)

The web-site listed below links to student applications forms. Please download only the application, personal Information form, and use of representative form (If applicable) from this site.

The current student visa application fee is CDN 125 or INR 5470/-
Set I:
Set II:
Set III:
Do not provide any additional documents unless requested to do so by a visa officer. Interview

An interview with a Canadian Visa Officer may be required. If this is the case, students will be advised in writing of the time and place for the interview.

Medical Examination

The Canadian high commission will issue medical instructions. Students and accompanying dependants must pass a medical examination at one of the approved panel doctors. If the student and accompanying dependants are found to be in good health and there are no other concerns with the application, the Visa and Student Authorization will be issued.

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