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Studying Security and Networking Engineering

Security and networking engineering is an interdisciplinary subject incorporating cyber security and computer networking. These two subjects are like two sides of the same coin.

The work of computer networking specialists has the brought the world closer. The interconnectedness of billions of computers, phones and other devices has made it easier to share information, do business and stay in touch with friends, family and colleagues. By the same token, this degree of interconnectedness has made us vulnerable to cyber security threats, viruses and other malware.

Studying security and networking engineering will help you grasp the fundamentals of both cyber security and computer networking professionals and enable to design networks and computer programs that are immune to threats and danger posed by hackers and malware.

Most courses require you complete an internship, a work placement or a project. This is a great chance to gain relevant work experience and build a professional network in the Netherlands.

Some of the most popular universities in the Netherlands include:

  • University of Twente
  • Radboud University, Nijmegen
  • Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Eindhoven
  • Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences
  • CEG (affiliated to University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences)

Salary and Career Prospects

Security and network engineering specialists are employed by virtually every company in every sector, including IT and tech , retail and hospitality, banks, pharmaceutical companies and the government.

Some of the roles they take up are Cyber Security Architect, Cyber Security Specialist, Networking and Systems Engineer and Node Operator.

Salaries vary based on job role, industry, experience, qualifications, skills and location. As a guide,security and network engineering professionals earn around €50,000 a year (40 lakhs INR).

Why study in the Netherlands?

The Netherlands is fast establishing itself as a popular destination for international students. Its universities are among the most prestigious in the world, with 12 ranking in top 250 in QS World Rankings 2019.

The Netherlands or Holland, as it’s also known, is among the world’s most developed and industrialised countries. It has spawned conglomerates like Shell, ING Group, Unilever and Phillips. In addition to these, several tech, banking and financial services giants like Cisco, Tesla, HSBC and Microsoft operate out of here.

Amsterdam, the capital, is among the world’s biggest and most beautiful cities. Running along its pretty canals are spectacular museums and art galleries, grand hotels, cafes and restaurants, luxury retail stores and entertainment venues.

The country is a popular tourist destination, with millions of tourists drawn to its tulip gardens, historic cities, beautiful palaces and scenic countryside views complete with windmills.

Dutch is the national language, although most people living in big cities can speak fluent English.

International graduates are able to apply for a post-study work permit lasting one year.

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