Information Technology

Studying Information Technology (IT)

Information technology is a sub-discipline of computer science. It focuses on using computers to collect, analyse, store and present data, typically in business settings. Or so goes the bookish definition goes. In reality, however, studying IT will also entail learning programming, web design and technologies, databases, computer networking and cyber security.

IT courses in New Zealand are well-organised, industry-relevant and are valued by employers. In fact, most of the programmes are embedded with either a work experience option which involves completing a work placement or project at an external company or an independent project at university.

Some of the most sought-after New Zealand universities, colleges and institutes you could study at are:

  • Eastern Institute of Technology (EIT)
  • NMIT
  • TOI-Ohomai Institute of Technology
  • ARA
  • Aspire 2

Salary and Career Prospects

IT professionals are needed by virtually every company in every sector. They find employment in traditional IT and tech companies and IT functions of accountancy and professional services consultancies, engineering, retail and hospitality companies and government.

Some of the roles IT graduates take up are software engineer, data analyst, application developer, IT consultant, web developer or database administrator.

Salaries vary depending on qualifications, job role, location and experience. As a guide, IT professionals take home an average of $96,000 a year (45 lakhs INR).

Why study in New Zealand?

New Zealand is fast emerging as one of the best study destinations for international students. Most universities, colleges and institutions in New Zealand are government-owned and funded and maintain high teaching and learning standards.

It terms of economy, New Zealand’s is largely home-grown. Some of biggest companies based there are Air New Zealand (airliner), Spark New Zealand (telecoms company), Progressive Enterprises (retail) and Fletcher Building (construction company). Auckland ranks consistently among the world’s most liveable cities and has a thriving start-up scene.

Kiwis, as people living in New Zealand are affectionately called, enjoy year-round good weather, high salaries, access to spectacular beaches and a healthy work-life balance. The country’s breathtakingly beautiful landscape, ski resorts, lakes and national parks attract millions of tourists every year.

International graduates are typically offered post-study work visas of up to 3 years upon graduation.