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NZ is always welcoming people with skills, qualification and experience.

Studying in New Zealand is a pathway to gaining permanent residence

Most students that complete a valid course in New Zealand will be eligible for a Graduate Job Search Visa / Permit for a period of 12 months. This visa allows the student to stay in New Zealand and work full time in a job relevant to the course they have completed. Once the students get a job they can either apply for extension of their work permit (generally for 2 years) or they will have enough points to apply for permanent residency.

Students will gain bonus points under the general skills category. Points are allocated for age, qualification, NZ qualifications, work experience, NZ offer of employment, spouse qualification, work experience under skill shortage list, sponsorship by blood relative who are citizens or permanent residence of New Zealand etc

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By NZ law, any person or organization that gives immigration advice must be licensed by Immigration Advisors Authority, this includes people giving NZ Immigration advice from India too. It is strongly recommended to use the services of the liceses immigration advisors. To find the list of licensed advisers please click on the link below:

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