Computer Games, Design and Animation

Studying Computer Games, Design and Animation

If you dismiss computer games, animation and design work as child’s play, you’d be very mistaken! Using computers to develop games, produce animated films or create advertisements and book designs is a highly-skilled vocation, which requires advanced working knowledge of specialist software and programming.

Although Computer Games, Design and Animation have been clubbed together here, you wouldn’t usually study all of them together. These subjects are offered as stand-alone programmes, although it is possible to pursue a joint degree in animation and games development. Studying a degree in any one of these areas will enhance your creativity, attention to detail, planning, team work and time management skills, in addition to equipping you with the technical know-how to get the job done.

Degrees in Computer Games/Gaming, Design and Animation in the UK are most sought after. UK Universities are at the forefront of Computer Games, Design and Animation teaching, learning and research. There are over 30 universities offering programmes in this discipline.

Some of the universities where you could study are:

  • Teesside University
  • Liverpool Hope
  • De Montfort University
  • Coventry University

Salary and Career Prospects

After graduating, you could find yourself working with likes of Rockstar Games, Nintendo, Sony or Ubisoft. With a design background, you could work with book publishers, advertising and media companies or set up your own practice.

Depending on which degree you specialise in, you could work as: Animator, Illustrator, Graphic Designer, Games Developer and Web Designer.

Salaries vary depending on location, qualifications and experience. As a guide, suitably qualified and experience animators earn in the excess of £32,000 (30 lakhs INR) a year. The same for a graphic designer is around £27,000 (25 lakhs) per annum.

Why Study in UK?

The UK is a world-renowned seat of learning, teaching and research with 3 universities in top 10 and 7 in top 50 in THE World Rankings 2018.

The UK has a rich heritage of excelling in computer science. In fact, the world’s first digital computer was invented in the UK during the Second World War to decipher secret messages exchanged by German troops.

The UK is home to many of the world’s most leading IT, media, entertainment and advertising companies. These include the likes of BBC, Sky, Rockstar Games, Warner Brother Studios, Penguin Random House and Saatchi& Saatchi.

It is possible for students to remain in the UK after finishing their studies, provided they meet all prevailing visa requirements.